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Review of the 1994 Frontier League (Ind) Independent League Season with standings, team totals, awards and more.
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1994 Batting Leaderboards

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Batting Average - (Frontier)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Joe MillerPortsmouth Explorers.402
2Corey MorrisOhio Valley Redcoats.394
3Scott PaganoOhio Valley Redcoats.384
4Allen ThompsonErie Sailors.347
5Steve GrandizioChillicothe Paints.342
6Jeffrey RonevichZanesville Greys.341
6Kurt VennemanChillicothe Paints.341
6Dan BartolomeoPortsmouth Explorers.341
9Mark AveryChillicothe Paints.333
10Darrell FatzingerOhio Valley Redcoats.332
On Base Percentage - (Frontier)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Corey MorrisOhio Valley Redcoats.498
2Mark ChapmanLancaster Scouts.471
3Todd SmithChillicothe Paints
Chillicothe Paints
4Scott PaganoOhio Valley Redcoats.461
5Allen ThompsonErie Sailors.457
6Joe MillerPortsmouth Explorers.448
7Dan BartolomeoPortsmouth Explorers.446
8Joseph RobinsonZanesville Greys.425
9Kurt VennemanChillicothe Paints.423
10Jeffrey RonevichZanesville Greys.418
Slugging Percentage - (Frontier)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Corey MorrisOhio Valley Redcoats.753
2Joe MillerPortsmouth Explorers.603
3Scott PaganoOhio Valley Redcoats.565
4Allen ThompsonErie Sailors.555
5Darrell FatzingerOhio Valley Redcoats.545
6Mark ChapmanLancaster Scouts.538
7Mark VendittiZanesville Greys.511
8Mark AveryChillicothe Paints.504
9Robby RobertsonErie Sailors.490
10Andrew SrebroskiOhio Valley Redcoats.481
On Base Plus Slugging - (Frontier)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Corey MorrisOhio Valley Redcoats1.252
2Joe MillerPortsmouth Explorers1.051
3Scott PaganoOhio Valley Redcoats1.025
4Allen ThompsonErie Sailors1.012
5Mark ChapmanLancaster Scouts1.010
6Darrell FatzingerOhio Valley Redcoats.946
7Mark AveryChillicothe Paints.894
8Mark VendittiZanesville Greys.893
9Andrew SrebroskiOhio Valley Redcoats.890
10Robby RobertsonErie Sailors.889
Games Played - (Frontier)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Mike SmedesErie Sailors67
1Robby RobertsonErie Sailors67
3Allen ThompsonErie Sailors66
3Corey MorrisOhio Valley Redcoats66
3Chris GrubbErie Sailors66
3Kurt VennemanChillicothe Paints66
7Darrell FatzingerOhio Valley Redcoats65
7Mark PfannensteilKentucky Rifles65
9Tom SutarisOhio Valley Redcoats64
10Gabriel AnguloChillicothe Paints63
Plate Appearances - (Frontier)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Robby RobertsonErie Sailors299
2Allen ThompsonErie Sailors293
3Mike SmedesErie Sailors292
4Corey MorrisOhio Valley Redcoats287
5Darrell FatzingerOhio Valley Redcoats283
6Chris GrubbErie Sailors282
7Lee CormierLancaster Scouts270
8Billy BriceKentucky Rifles268
8Scott PaganoOhio Valley Redcoats268
8Jeffrey RonevichZanesville Greys268
At Bats - (Frontier)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Mike SmedesErie Sailors251
2Robby RobertsonErie Sailors249
3Darrell FatzingerOhio Valley Redcoats244
4Allen ThompsonErie Sailors236
5Mark AveryChillicothe Paints234
5Gabriel AnguloChillicothe Paints234
7Lee CormierLancaster Scouts232
7Billy BriceKentucky Rifles232
7Scott PaganoOhio Valley Redcoats232
10Corey MorrisOhio Valley Redcoats231
Runs - (Frontier)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Corey MorrisOhio Valley Redcoats67
2Scott PaganoOhio Valley Redcoats62
3Robby RobertsonErie Sailors56
4Chris GrubbErie Sailors53
5Allen ThompsonErie Sailors46
5Mark VendittiZanesville Greys46
7Doug MeinerPortsmouth Explorers45
7Joe MillerPortsmouth Explorers45
9Darrell FatzingerOhio Valley Redcoats43
10Steve RuckmanNewark Buffalos42
Hits - (Frontier)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Corey MorrisOhio Valley Redcoats91
2Scott PaganoOhio Valley Redcoats89
3Allen ThompsonErie Sailors82
4Mike SmedesErie Sailors81
4Darrell FatzingerOhio Valley Redcoats81
6Mark AveryChillicothe Paints78
6Joe MillerPortsmouth Explorers78
8Kurt VennemanChillicothe Paints76
9Robby RobertsonErie Sailors75
9Jeffrey RonevichZanesville Greys75
Total Bases - (Frontier)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Corey MorrisOhio Valley Redcoats174
2Darrell FatzingerOhio Valley Redcoats133
3Allen ThompsonErie Sailors131
3Scott PaganoOhio Valley Redcoats131
5Robby RobertsonErie Sailors122
6Mark AveryChillicothe Paints118
7Joe MillerPortsmouth Explorers117
7Mark VendittiZanesville Greys117
9Mike SmedesErie Sailors115
10Billy BriceKentucky Rifles106
Doubles - (Frontier)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Allen ThompsonErie Sailors22
1Corey MorrisOhio Valley Redcoats22
3Scott PaganoOhio Valley Redcoats19
3Mark VendittiZanesville Greys19
5Nathan HarveyNewark Buffalos16
5Doug MeinerPortsmouth Explorers16
7Chris HodgeKentucky Rifles15
7Darrell FatzingerOhio Valley Redcoats15
9Steve RuckmanNewark Buffalos14
9Mark PfannensteilKentucky Rifles14
Triples - (Frontier)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Mark VendittiZanesville Greys4
2Robert RandallNewark Buffalos3
2David MontielLancaster Scouts3
2Alonso MendozaNewark Buffalos3
2Mark TangenChillicothe Paints3
6Corey MorrisOhio Valley Redcoats2
6Mike SmedesErie Sailors2
6Steve VanRensumPortsmouth Explorers2
6Jay PolsonErie Sailors2
6Andrew SrebroskiOhio Valley Redcoats2
Home Runs - (Frontier)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Corey MorrisOhio Valley Redcoats19
2Robby RobertsonErie Sailors11
2Darrell FatzingerOhio Valley Redcoats11
4Joe MillerPortsmouth Explorers10
5Allen ThompsonErie Sailors9
5Mark AveryChillicothe Paints9
5Chris WyrickOhio Valley Redcoats9
8Tom SutarisOhio Valley Redcoats8
8Billy BriceKentucky Rifles8
10Scott PaganoOhio Valley Redcoats7
Runs Batted In - (Frontier)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Corey MorrisOhio Valley Redcoats63
2Allen ThompsonErie Sailors61
3Darrell FatzingerOhio Valley Redcoats57
4Robby RobertsonErie Sailors52
5Steve RuckmanNewark Buffalos51
5Mike SmedesErie Sailors51
7Mark VendittiZanesville Greys48
8Tom SutarisOhio Valley Redcoats46
9Joe MillerPortsmouth Explorers45
10Warren HornerPortsmouth Explorers42
Stolen Bases - (Frontier)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Scott PaganoOhio Valley Redcoats53
2Lee CormierLancaster Scouts36
3Tommy DongNewark Buffalos
Zanesville Greys
4David MontielLancaster Scouts23
5Doug MeinerPortsmouth Explorers22
6Corey MorrisOhio Valley Redcoats21
7Mark PfannensteilKentucky Rifles20
8Greg SloneKentucky Rifles18
9Steve GrandizioChillicothe Paints17
10Robert RandallNewark Buffalos15
Caught Stealings - (Frontier)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Scott PaganoOhio Valley Redcoats17
2David MontielLancaster Scouts11
3Mark PfannensteilKentucky Rifles8
3Lee CormierLancaster Scouts8
5Chris WyrickOhio Valley Redcoats6
6Corey MorrisOhio Valley Redcoats5
6Chris MadonnaZanesville Greys5
6Kenny CraddoxNewark Buffalos5
6Warren HornerPortsmouth Explorers5
6Doug MeinerPortsmouth Explorers5
Walks - (Frontier)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Corey MorrisOhio Valley Redcoats47
2Chris GrubbErie Sailors42
3Allen ThompsonErie Sailors41
3Doug MeinerPortsmouth Explorers41
5Robby RobertsonErie Sailors40
6Brett BowmanLancaster Scouts39
6Jason MooreChillicothe Paints39
8Joseph RobinsonZanesville Greys37
8Todd SmithChillicothe Paints
Chillicothe Paints
10Jeffrey RonevichZanesville Greys36
Strikeouts - (Frontier)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Mark VendittiZanesville Greys57
2Allen ThompsonErie Sailors55
2Doug MeinerPortsmouth Explorers55
4Mike SmedesErie Sailors54
5Mark AveryChillicothe Paints51
5Nathan HarveyNewark Buffalos51
7Andrew SrebroskiOhio Valley Redcoats50
8Kenny CraddoxNewark Buffalos44
9Billy BriceKentucky Rifles42
10Robert RandallNewark Buffalos40
Hit By Pitch - (Frontier)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1David MontielLancaster Scouts18
2Allen ThompsonErie Sailors11
3Daniel CasasLancaster Scouts9
3Pat O'ConnorErie Sailors9
3David MarzanoPortsmouth Explorers
Zanesville Greys
6Corky FranklinNewark Buffalos8
7Marc HammondLancaster Scouts7
7Greg SloneKentucky Rifles7
7Mark PfannensteilKentucky Rifles7
7Chris WyrickOhio Valley Redcoats7
Sacrifice Hits - (Frontier)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1David MontielLancaster Scouts11
2Chris GrubbErie Sailors10
3Brian MoeglinKentucky Rifles8
4Rich HareNewark Buffalos6
4John NunziatoZanesville Greys6
4Marc HammondLancaster Scouts6
7Brett BowmanLancaster Scouts5
7Steve GrandizioChillicothe Paints5
7Jimmy RyanKentucky Rifles
Erie Sailors
Chillicothe Paints
7Mike SmedesErie Sailors5
Sacrifice Flies - (Frontier)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Jeffrey RonevichZanesville Greys11
2Tucker HowardKentucky Rifles6
2Darrell FatzingerOhio Valley Redcoats6
2Steve RuckmanNewark Buffalos6
5Allen ThompsonErie Sailors5
5Mark AveryChillicothe Paints5
5Damon TreadwayChillicothe Paints5
5Alonso MendozaNewark Buffalos5
5Jerry DeFabbiaErie Sailors5
5Mike SmedesErie Sailors5
Intentional Walks - (Frontier)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Mike SmedesErie Sailors5
2Corey MorrisOhio Valley Redcoats4
2Greg SloneKentucky Rifles4
2Darrell FatzingerOhio Valley Redcoats4
5Aaron FoleyChillicothe Paints3
5Allen ThompsonErie Sailors3
5Joe MillerPortsmouth Explorers3
5David MarzanoPortsmouth Explorers
Zanesville Greys
9Ariel MartinChillicothe Paints2
9Mark VendittiZanesville Greys2
Grounded into Double Play - (Frontier)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Ed GenerelliZanesville Greys10
2Jeffrey RonevichZanesville Greys9
2Allen ThompsonErie Sailors9
2Gabriel AnguloChillicothe Paints9
5Marc DiCarloLancaster Scouts
Chillicothe Paints
5Travis MaxwellNewark Buffalos8
7Mark PfannensteilKentucky Rifles7
8Jerry DeFabbiaErie Sailors6
8Joe MillerPortsmouth Explorers6
8John NunziatoZanesville Greys6
Extra Base Hits - (Frontier)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Corey MorrisOhio Valley Redcoats43
2Allen ThompsonErie Sailors31
3Mark VendittiZanesville Greys30
4Darrell FatzingerOhio Valley Redcoats28
5Scott PaganoOhio Valley Redcoats27
6Robby RobertsonErie Sailors23
6Nathan HarveyNewark Buffalos23
8Chris WyrickOhio Valley Redcoats21
8Mark AveryChillicothe Paints21
8Chris HodgeKentucky Rifles21
Secondary Average - (Frontier)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Corey MorrisOhio Valley Redcoats.632
2Mark ChapmanLancaster Scouts.548
3Scott PaganoOhio Valley Redcoats.474
4Brett BowmanLancaster Scouts.414
5Tommy DongNewark Buffalos
Zanesville Greys
6Doug MeinerPortsmouth Explorers.380
7Allen ThompsonErie Sailors.369
8Todd SmithChillicothe Paints
Chillicothe Paints
9Robby RobertsonErie Sailors.357
10Chris MadonnaZanesville Greys.345
Isolated Power - (Frontier)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Corey MorrisOhio Valley Redcoats.359
2Mark ChapmanLancaster Scouts.240
3Darrell FatzingerOhio Valley Redcoats.213
4Mark VendittiZanesville Greys.210
5Allen ThompsonErie Sailors.208
6Joe MillerPortsmouth Explorers.201
7Chris WyrickOhio Valley Redcoats.190
8Robby RobertsonErie Sailors.189
9Scott PaganoOhio Valley Redcoats.181
10Mark AveryChillicothe Paints.171
BAVG on Balls in Play - (Frontier)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Scott PaganoOhio Valley Redcoats.416
2Allen ThompsonErie Sailors.412
3Andrew SrebroskiOhio Valley Redcoats.408
4Joe MillerPortsmouth Explorers.402
5Corey MorrisOhio Valley Redcoats.396
6Robert RandallNewark Buffalos.392
7Steve GrandizioChillicothe Paints.387
8Mark AveryChillicothe Paints.385
9Mike SmedesErie Sailors.383
10Kurt VennemanChillicothe Paints.379
Walks Percentage - (Frontier)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Todd SmithChillicothe Paints
Chillicothe Paints
2Mark ChapmanLancaster Scouts0.23
3Billy RhinehartKentucky Rifles0.22
4Brett BowmanLancaster Scouts0.21
5Chris MadonnaZanesville Greys0.19
6Kenny WashamKentucky Rifles0.18
7Tommy DongNewark Buffalos
Zanesville Greys
7Jason MooreChillicothe Paints0.16
7Corey MorrisOhio Valley Redcoats0.16
7Joseph RobinsonZanesville Greys0.16
Strikeouts Percentage - (Frontier)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Mark MondiOhio Valley Redcoats0.04
2Jeffrey RonevichZanesville Greys0.05
2Damon TreadwayChillicothe Paints0.05
2Dan BartolomeoPortsmouth Explorers0.05
5Lee CormierLancaster Scouts0.07
5Chris GrubbErie Sailors0.07
5David MarzanoPortsmouth Explorers
Zanesville Greys
5Ed GenerelliZanesville Greys0.07
5Mike McGuireZanesville Greys0.07
10Jerry KoesterErie Sailors0.08
Strikeout-Walk Ratio - (Frontier)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Mark MondiOhio Valley Redcoats0.28
2Dan BartolomeoPortsmouth Explorers0.35
3Todd SmithChillicothe Paints
Chillicothe Paints
4Jeffrey RonevichZanesville Greys0.39
5Chris GrubbErie Sailors0.50
6Mike McGuireZanesville Greys0.58
7David MarzanoPortsmouth Explorers
Zanesville Greys
8Lee CormierLancaster Scouts0.66
9Ed GenerelliZanesville Greys0.67
10Jerry KoesterErie Sailors0.70
300 record(s)