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The list of Minor League Awards below are tracked yearly by The Baseball Cube. Some awards are discontinued and some awards have more history than others
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List of Available Minor League Awards

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LeagueAward NameYears RangeRecord Count
MinorAll-Star Futures Game MVP1999-201921
MinorBaseball America 1st team Minor League All-Star1994-2017457
MinorBaseball America Minor League 2nd All-Star Team1998-2017373
MinorClass A All-Star1999-199914
MinorDouble-A All-Star1993-2019371
MinorDouble-A Manager of the Year2006-20127
MinorDouble-A Pitcher of the Year2011-20197
MinorDouble-A Player of the Year2006-201912
MinorHi A Manager of the Year2006-20138
MinorHi A Pitcher of the Year2011-20198
MinorHi A Player of the Year2000-201919
MinorLo A All-Star Team2014-201990
MinorLo A Manager of the Year2006-20138
MinorLo A Pitcher of the Year2011-20198
MinorLo A Player of the Year2000-201919
MinorMinor League High-A All-Star Team2000-2019287
MinorMinor League Manager of the Year1981-201939
MinorMinor League Player of the Year (BA)1981-201939
MinorMinor League Short-Season All-Star Team1993-2019385
MinorRookie League All-Star2000-2019287
MinorRookie League Manager of the Year2006-20138
MinorRookie League Pitcher of the Year2011-20198
MinorRookie League Player of the Year2000-201919
MinorShort-Season A Manager of the Year2011-20133
MinorShort-Season A Pitcher of the Year2011-20198
MinorShort-Season A Player of the Year1993-201929
MinorTriple A All-Star Team1993-2019385
MinorTriple-A All-Star Game MVP2001-201926
MinorTriple-A Manager of the Year2006-20138
MinorTriple-A Pitcher of the Year2011-20198
MinorTriple-A Player of the Year2006-201913
MinorWinter League All-Star1993-2006181
MinorWinter League Player of the Year1993-200510
LeagueAward NameYears RangeRecord Count
AFLJoe Black Award - Arizona Fall League MVP2002-201918
LeagueAward NameYears RangeRecord Count
AppAppalachian League All-Star1993-2019374
AppAppalachian League Manager of the Year1993-201927
AppAppalachian League Pitcher of the Year1996-201925
AppAppalachian League Player of the Year1993-201927
LeagueAward NameYears RangeRecord Count
AzlArizona League All-Star1993-2019367
AzlArizona League Manager of the Year1993-201930
AzlArizona League Most Outstanding Pitcher2001-20011
AzlArizona League Most Valuable Player1993-201928
LeagueAward NameYears RangeRecord Count
CalifCalifornia League All-Star Team1993-2019368
CalifCalifornia League Manager of the Year1993-201927
CalifCalifornia League Most Valuable Player1993-201928
CalifCalifornia League Pitcher of the Year1996-201923
CalifCalifornia League Rookie of the Year1996-201923
CalifCalifornia/Carolina League All-Star Game MVP2005-201610
LeagueAward NameYears RangeRecord Count
CaroCarolina League All-Star Game MVP2017-20193
CaroCarolina League All-Star Team1993-2019354
CaroCarolina League Manager of the Year1994-201926
CaroCarolina League Most Valuable Player1977-201943
CaroCarolina League Pitcher of the Year1995-201924
CaroCarolina League Rookie of the Year2001-20011
LeagueAward NameYears RangeRecord Count
DslDominican Summer League All-Star1993-2019155
DslDominican Summer League Manager of the Year1993-200511
DslDominican Summer League Most Outstanding Pitcher1993-201914
DslDominican Summer League Most Valuable Player1993-200512
LeagueAward NameYears RangeRecord Count
EastEastern League All-Star Game MVP2002-201911
EastEastern League All-Star Team1993-2019352
EastEastern League Manager of the Year1993-201924
EastEastern League Most Valuable Player1993-201926
EastEastern League Pitcher of the Year1993-201924
EastEastern League Rookie of the Year1995-201925
LeagueAward NameYears RangeRecord Count
FslFlorida State League All-Star Game MVP2005-201915
FslFlorida State League All-Star Team1993-2019447
FslFlorida State League Manager of the Year1993-201927
FslFlorida State League Most Valuable Player1993-201927
FslFlorida State League Pitcher of the Year2000-201921
LeagueAward NameYears RangeRecord Count
GclGulf Coast League All-Star1993-2019297
GclGulf Coast League Manager of the Year1993-201924
GclGulf Coast League Most Outstanding Pitcher2011-20111
GclGulf Coast League Most Valuable Player2001-201914
LeagueAward NameYears RangeRecord Count
ILInternational League All-Star Game MVP2005-20051
ILInternational League All-Star Team1993-2019319
ILInternational League Manager of the Year1993-201927
ILInternational League Most Valuable Pitcher1993-201927
ILInternational League Most Valuable Player1993-201927
ILInternational League Rookie of the Year1996-201924
LeagueAward NameYears RangeRecord Count
MidwMidwest League All-Star game MVP2005-201612
MidwMidwest League All-Star Team1993-2019358
MidwMidwest League Manager of the Year1993-201928
MidwMidwest League Most Valuable Player1993-201927
MidwMidwest League Prospect of the Year1998-201920
LeagueAward NameYears RangeRecord Count
NwstNorthwest League All-Star Team1993-2019311
NwstNorthwest League Manager of the Year1993-201928
NwstNorthwest League Most Valuable Player1993-201928
NwstNorthwest League Pitcher of the Year2015-20195
LeagueAward NameYears RangeRecord Count
NyplNew York-Penn League All-Star Game MVP2005-20051
LeagueAward NameYears RangeRecord Count
PclPacific Coast League All-Star1993-2019326
PclPacific Coast League All-Star Game MVP2005-20051
PclPacific Coast League Manager of the Year1993-201927
PclPacific Coast League Most Valuable Player1980-201940
PclPacific Coast League Pitcher of the Year2001-201919
PclPacific Coast League Rookie of the Year1998-201922
LeagueAward NameYears RangeRecord Count
PioPioneer League All-Star1980-2019507
PioPioneer League Manager of the Year1980-201940
PioPioneer League Most Valuable Player1994-201926
PioPioneer League Pitcher of the Year2001-201920
LeagueAward NameYears RangeRecord Count
SalSouth Atlantic League All-Star Game MVP2005-201913
SalSouth Atlantic League All-Star Team1993-2019352
SalSouth Atlantic League Coach of the Year2009-20198
SalSouth Atlantic League Manager of the Year1993-201926
SalSouth Atlantic League Most Outstanding Pitcher1994-201925
SalSouth Atlantic League Most Outstanding Prospect1999-201917
SalSouth Atlantic League Most Valuable Player1993-201928
LeagueAward NameYears RangeRecord Count
SouSouthern League All-Star1993-2019362
SouSouthern League All-Star Game MVP2001-201512
SouSouthern League Best Hustler1972-201952
SouSouthern League Manager of the Year1993-201927
SouSouthern League Most Outstanding Pitcher1993-201931
SouSouthern League Most Valuable Player1993-201927
LeagueAward NameYears RangeRecord Count
TexTexas League All-Star1993-2019445
TexTexas League All-Star game MVP2002-201915
TexTexas League Coach of the Year2007-201913
TexTexas League Manager of the Year1993-201927
TexTexas League Pitcher of the Year1994-201926
TexTexas League Player of the Year1993-201927
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