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This is a list of Site Updates worth knowing. You can bookmark this page, access it directly from the front page or navigation, or you can Follow us on Twitter.

The nature of the updates are related to datasets being added or new features being added (or retired). Only updates from the last year will be included. The updates started in February of 2018.

Recent Site Updates

2018-08-05 Uniform Numbers and College Class for 2018 Division I players added View Page
2018-08-02 2018 College RPI Rankings have been added for 297 Division I teams View Page
2018-08-01 Added 1st Player drafted Out of University/COlleges to Player Notes View Page
2018-08-01 2018 College Statistics for ALL non-Div I schools. Now a total of 1618 US schools. View Page
2018-07-11 2018 NCAA Division I College Awards added to site. Includes conference-level and Division I-level View Page
2018-07-10 Added Topps All-Star Rookies to Player Notes section. View Page
2018-07-09 Added Signing Bonuses for 2018 draft picks (where available) as well as whether player signed or not. View Page
2018-06-22 Added US National Team Rosters for 1972-2017. These are rosters made of some of the best underclassmen each summer View Page
2018-06-20 Added Batters who Hit for the Cycle (319x) View Page
2018-06-17 Added College Player Bios for all 2018 Division I players. View Page
2018-06-16 Added 2018 MLB Draft results. 1214 picks including Bonuses where available so far. View Page
2018-06-05 Added First Player Born per Country to player notes section View Page
2018-06-04 Added 30/30 Club to Player notes section View Page
2018-05-15 Added No-Hitters to the player notes section View Page
2018-05-03 Added Opening Day Starting Pitchers to the Player Notes section. View Page
2018-04-18 Uniform #s and College Class for all Division I players updated for 2017 View Page
2018-04-17 MLB Payrolls and Salary Data is now available for 2018. View Page
2018-04-13 Added all Retired Numbers to Player Notes. View Page
2018-04-09 Player Notes will start to appear within the sponsorship section of the player pages. View Page
2018-04-06 You can now track Division I College Players in the TBC Player Tracker. Season-to-date statistics each morning, updated each 4-5 days. View Page
2018-04-05 Added 2018 Spring Training Statistics to the Other Statistics section. View Page
2018-04-02 Added the MLBPA Heart and Hustle Award to awards section View Page
2018-03-29 Coaching Staffs for 2018 have been added for Major League and Minor League Teams (all affiliated levels) View Page
2018-03-28 Australian League batting/pitching statistics added for 2017. View Page
2018-03-12 Pitch Repertoire will now appear on MLB pitchers profile pages. Includes pitches (%) and Fastball Velocity. View Page
2018-03-11 MLB Pipeline top 30 prospects per team added to the Prospects Section View Page
2018-02-20 College Stats will start to stream in daily. Priority to the top conferences. View Page
2018-02-19 2018 Prospects Rankings for Fangraphs added to prospects section. View Page
2018-02-15 Coaching Staffs for Division I College baseball teams added. Includes Head Coaches and paid assistant coaches for the 2018 season. View Page
2018-02-14 Site Updates will be published on the site, as well as on Twitter. You can follow us here. View Page
2018-02-14 Indy League Coaching Staffs for 2017 added. Appears on Team pages and under "Jobs" on people pages. View Page
2018-02-13 Korean Stats added for 2016-2017. Catching up. Note that these stats appear under the "Other Statistics" section of a player's page despite being Professional statistics. View Page
2018-02-12 Talent Ratings explanation added to the About section under "Data Elements". View Page
2018-02-06 College Summer League Stats collection is complete. This year we expanded coverage to 25 Leagues. View Page