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TBC Site Updates

TBC Site Updates

Articles related to site updates and possibly some ranting.
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TBC is now Mobile-friendly
I put on my tuxedo and say goodbye to my wife as I head off to the stretch Limousine waiting in my driveway. I watch the buildings go by from behind the tinted glass. I drink a ceremonial beer and quickly grab a 2nd. I text my friends to see when they will be there and only 1 replies with a curt "who is this?".

You see, I am headed to my Senior prom at my high school but what I don't know is that it happened several++ years ago. The Limo pulls up to the building and I quickly notice 2 things. First, my school has changed names. Second, there is nobody here. I walk to the front doors and pull on them one by one but none of them open. I see a janitor mopping the floor and I try to get his attention. He ignores me at first and then waves at me to leave. I don't. He pulls out his phone. I back away from the doors, shake my head and go back to the Limo.

This is how it feels to (finally) build a mobile-friendly site in 2022. I am (extremely) late to this party.

WELCOME to the New TBC. Over the course of the next little while, I will be highlighting the site's features with a little bit of humo(u)r. There is likely a lot here that you didn't notice. This new release has an enhanced PREMIUM section. I guarantee that if you go through the feature list, you will find something that will be of benefit to you. The price will remain $19/year until opening day. Take advantage!