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TBC Site Updates

TBC Site Updates

Articles related to site updates and possibly some ranting.
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TBC Redesign coming in February
Driven by provincial COVID lockdowns, Jameson and the trance-like beats of Underworld, I have redesigned the site to work properly on desktop, tablet and mobile devices. Something that had been lacking for many many (many) years.

In my humble opinion, the site will look better, be easy to navigate and provide more functionality than prior versions, especially if you subscribe to PREMIUM. All of the prior features from PREMIUM will continue to exist and there will be lots more goodies to try to entice to spend $2/month to use TBC as a baseball research tool.

The new features will be revealed closer to release time.

The site is a constant struggle between data collection and presentation. The data collection has definitely improved over the years but the presentation has strayed further from my vision due to redudant, iterative attempts at improvement. Designing large sites is difficult but the past failures have finally led me to what I believe is the best designed version of The Baseball Cube. I can proudly say this version is the vision that had been trying to get out. I am hoping this means I can apply 95% focus to the data and only 5% to design going forward. This would mean I could expand the college baseball history section, the minor league stats section and possibly delve into College game-level data. There are many projects on the project board that are blocked by battling with web design. Though I will continue to listen to suggestions and add new features, the architecture will be final.

I think you'll like it and I believe the new design will encourage you to return to the site more often. Feedback will always be welcome. Some of the best features have been launched because of a single user's great idea.

Thanks again for your support and Happy New Year!!

May there be baseball activity in your near future.