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TBC Site Updates

Articles related to site updates and possibly some ranting.
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MLB/Minor/Indy Stats Updated
The World Series is tied at 1 and Game 3 is scoreless in the 2nd. It is 8:49pm on a Friday night and I am working. Its kinda what I do. The kids have their drivers license's (and a car) now so I have been gifted time. It is off-season for the softball parents while the athlete drives herself to workouts 2-3x/week. We pray for our kids to get their independence so we can become free but freedom comes with an empty house and a need to start dating your wife again.

My complaints about slow and long baseball games will never stop until the issue is resolved. 1:45 to play 3 innings in game is not acceptable. Not to me. The game needs to give the illusion of pace. The dead time needs to be reduced. I don't care if pitchers lose 2-3mph off their fastball as a result. Velocity is not important to me. What's important to me is pace. Watch a softball game. Any level. Most games roll along like they are on wheels on a freshly paved highway. Baseball games like game 1 appear to be on 4 flat tires on a dirt road in the rain.

Some recent site updates to close out the 2021 season:

  • MLB Stats (Batting/Pitching/Fielding)

  • Minor League Stats (Batting/Pitching/Fielding) + DSL

  • Independent League Stats (Batting/Pitching)

  • MLB + Minor League Uniform Numbers for 2021

  • Mexican League Stats (Batting/Pitching)

For the Indy Leagues, we added stats for 6 leagues.
American Association, Frontier League, Atlantic League, Pioneer League, Pecos League and the United Shores League

The projects we are focusing on now are:
- Historical College Statistics (in partnership with the College Baseball Foundation)
- Redesigned PREMIUM section
- Other International Leagues