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TBC Site Updates

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UDFA Signings Data Injection + More Bonuses
Though TBC prides itself on having the full history of the Major League draft, the UDFA signing data has been mediocre at best. When researching players, users often have interest on when/how a player was initially drafted/signed and if the player was drafted, then the user went home happy. If the player was an International signing or a college free agent, the user was often left unsatisfied.

This project includes more than 4800 UDFA signings for players active since 2012 (and many earlier). The project includes their signing date, team, region (state or country), position and college info if applicable. The dataset also includes bonuses. We added 485 more UDFA signing bonuses, almost all of them for International signings.

Bonus data for drafted players is readily available from many sources but UDFA signings are less centralized and research is done on an individual player basis. Therefore I would advise that you use the numbers as guides and assume there could be some margin of error on either side of the bonus number. Some sources (articles/lists) say "reported" before citing the bonus and many may just report the wrong bonus#. Take it for what it is. The database now has 2717 UDFA bonuses.

This project is still not complete. There are UDFA records in the draft database a sign date and we'll be attacking those next. The goal is to update all of the more recent UDFA's with a signing date.

Note that this will not be an up-to-date dataset going forward. New signees will not automatically enter the database. It may take a few months until, for example, the full 2021 class and the 2022 class get added. They will be added in batch at a specific time of the year. I'll remind you that TBC is mostly a baseball data archive and to keep up-to-date with every data element is not possible.

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