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Review of the 2010 Conference USA College Baseball Season. Standings are complete for Division I for 2002-present but for all other seasons, the standings are based only on available stats captured.
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2010 Batting Leaderboards

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Batting Average - (ConfUSA)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Chris DuffyCentral FloridaA+.447
2Rob SegedinTulaneMLB.434
3Shane BrownCentral FloridaAA.428
4Chad ZurcherMemphisA.400
5Anthony RendonRiceMLB.394
6B.A. VollmuthSouthern MissA+.386
7Drew MartinezMemphisA.377
7Corey ThompsonEast CarolinaRk.377
9Gunner WrightTulaneNCAA.375
9Kurt LiptonMarshallNCAA.375
On Base Percentage - (ConfUSA)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Chris DuffyCentral FloridaA+.548
2Shane BrownCentral FloridaAA.547
3Anthony RendonRiceMLB.539
4Kyle RollerEast CarolinaAAA.531
5Rob SegedinTulaneMLB.518
6B.A. VollmuthSouthern MissA+.493
7Adam DoleacSouthern MissNCAA.483
8Zak PresleyHoustonNCAA.479
9Diego SeastrunkRiceA-.472
10Corey ThompsonEast CarolinaRk.459
Slugging Percentage - (ConfUSA)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Chris DuffyCentral FloridaA+.850
2Anthony RendonRiceMLB.801
3Rob SegedinTulaneMLB.788
4B.A. VollmuthSouthern MissA+.729
5Shane BrownCentral FloridaAA.692
6Luke StewartAlabama-BirminghamA-.680
7Gunner WrightTulaneNCAA.667
7Heith HatfieldMemphisIndy.667
9Victor GomezMarshallRk.664
10Kurt LiptonMarshallNCAA.661
On Base Plus Slugging - (ConfUSA)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Chris DuffyCentral FloridaA+1.397
2Anthony RendonRiceMLB1.340
3Rob SegedinTulaneMLB1.306
4Shane BrownCentral FloridaAA1.239
5B.A. VollmuthSouthern MissA+1.222
6Kyle RollerEast CarolinaAAA1.138
7Gunner WrightTulaneNCAA1.124
8Kurt LiptonMarshallNCAA1.108
9Diego SeastrunkRiceA-1.098
10Luke StewartAlabama-BirminghamA-1.087
Games Played - (ConfUSA)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Anthony RendonRiceMLB63
1Jimmy ComerotaRiceAA63
1Michael RatterreeRiceAA63
4Rick HagueRiceAAA62
4Chad MozingoRiceA-62
6Michael FudaRiceNCAA61
7Taylor WalkerSouthern MissNCAA60
7B.A. VollmuthSouthern MissA+60
9Kameron BruntySouthern MissNCAA59
10Victor GomezMarshallRk58
Plate Appearances - (ConfUSA)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Anthony RendonRiceMLB302
2Chad MozingoRiceA-301
3Rick HagueRiceAAA298
4Taylor WalkerSouthern MissNCAA295
5Michael RatterreeRiceAA292
6Drew MartinezMemphisA291
7B.A. VollmuthSouthern MissA+288
8Kameron BruntySouthern MissNCAA286
9Trent WhiteheadEast CarolinaNCAA279
10Tyler HuelsingMemphisNCAA278
At Bats - (ConfUSA)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Drew MartinezMemphisA260
2Rick HagueRiceAAA259
3Chad MozingoRiceA-258
4Trent WhiteheadEast CarolinaNCAA245
5Taylor WalkerSouthern MissNCAA244
6Tyler HuelsingMemphisNCAA242
7Kameron BruntySouthern MissNCAA238
8Blake KelsoHoustonA+237
9B.A. VollmuthSouthern MissA+236
10Darnell SweeneyCentral FloridaMLB232
Runs - (ConfUSA)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Anthony RendonRiceMLB83
2B.A. VollmuthSouthern MissA+72
3Rick HagueRiceAAA71
4Taylor WalkerSouthern MissNCAA64
5Drew MartinezMemphisA62
6Jimmy ComerotaRiceAA61
6Corey ThompsonEast CarolinaRk61
8Michael RatterreeRiceAA60
9Michael FudaRiceNCAA59
10Shane BrownCentral FloridaAA58
Hits - (ConfUSA)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Drew MartinezMemphisA98
2Chris DuffyCentral FloridaA+92
2Chad ZurcherMemphisA92
2Rob SegedinTulaneMLB92
5B.A. VollmuthSouthern MissA+91
6Shane BrownCentral FloridaAA89
6Anthony RendonRiceMLB89
6Taylor WalkerSouthern MissNCAA89
9Rick HagueRiceAAA88
10Corey ThompsonEast CarolinaRk86
Total Bases - (ConfUSA)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Anthony RendonRiceMLB181
2Chris DuffyCentral FloridaA+175
3B.A. VollmuthSouthern MissA+172
4Rob SegedinTulaneMLB167
5Rick HagueRiceAAA153
6Victor GomezMarshallRk146
7Shane BrownCentral FloridaAA144
8Tyler HuelsingMemphisNCAA139
9Luke StewartAlabama-BirminghamA-132
9Corey ThompsonEast CarolinaRk132
Doubles - (ConfUSA)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Rob SegedinTulaneMLB29
2Shane BrownCentral FloridaAA25
3Jeremy RathjenRiceAA20
3Rick HagueRiceAAA20
5Chris TaladayCentral FloridaA-19
5Jacob WilsonMemphisAAA19
7Devin HarrisEast CarolinaAAA18
7Chris DuffyCentral FloridaA+18
9B.A. VollmuthSouthern MissA+17
9Diego SeastrunkRiceA-17
Triples - (ConfUSA)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Kurt LiptonMarshallNCAA7
1Joel AnsleyHoustonNCAA7
3Michael FudaRiceNCAA6
4Drew MartinezMemphisA5
4Blake KelsoHoustonA+5
6Tyler KoellingSouthern MissRk4
6Chad MozingoRiceA-4
6Nick BoullosaTulaneNCAA4
6Derrick ThomasMemphisNCAA4
6Kirby PellantMarshallA4
Home Runs - (ConfUSA)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Anthony RendonRiceMLB26
2Luke StewartAlabama-BirminghamA-21
2Chris DuffyCentral FloridaA+21
4B.A. VollmuthSouthern MissA+20
5Victor GomezMarshallRk17
6Rick HagueRiceAAA15
7Rob SegedinTulaneMLB14
7Zach WrightEast CarolinaAA14
9Devin HarrisEast CarolinaAAA13
9Jeremy RathjenRiceAA13
Runs Batted In - (ConfUSA)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Anthony RendonRiceMLB85
2Chris DuffyCentral FloridaA+81
3B.A. VollmuthSouthern MissA+76
4Jeremy RathjenRiceAA69
5Tyler HuelsingMemphisNCAA67
6Michael RatterreeRiceAA64
6Luke StewartAlabama-BirminghamA-64
8Victor GomezMarshallRk63
9Adam DoleacSouthern MissNCAA57
9Taylor WalkerSouthern MissNCAA57
Stolen Bases - (ConfUSA)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Jamal AustinAlabama-BirminghamAA28
2Zak PresleyHoustonNCAA21
3Chad ZurcherMemphisA20
4Drew MartinezMemphisA19
5Darnell SweeneyCentral FloridaMLB17
5Joel AnsleyHoustonNCAA17
5Nick CrawfordAlabama-BirminghamNCAA17
5Blake KelsoHoustonA+17
9Trent WhiteheadEast CarolinaNCAA15
10Cameron FreemanEast CarolinaNCAA14
Caught Stealings - (ConfUSA)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Drew MartinezMemphisA10
2Kirby PellantMarshallA8
3Trent WhiteheadEast CarolinaNCAA7
4Darnell SweeneyCentral FloridaMLB6
4Tyler HuelsingMemphisNCAA6
6Brandon BoudreauxTulaneNCAA5
6Jamal AustinAlabama-BirminghamAA5
6Joel AnsleyHoustonNCAA5
9Ronnie RichardsonCentral FloridaA+4
9Adam McClainMemphisNCAA4
Walks - (ConfUSA)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Anthony RendonRiceMLB65
2Kyle RollerEast CarolinaAAA61
3Zak PresleyHoustonNCAA47
4Michael RatterreeRiceAA46
5B.A. VollmuthSouthern MissA+43
6Kameron BruntySouthern MissNCAA35
7Shane BrownCentral FloridaAA34
7Diego SeastrunkRiceA-34
7Ronnie RichardsonCentral FloridaA+34
10Adam DoleacSouthern MissNCAA33
Strikeouts - (ConfUSA)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Michael FudaRiceNCAA61
2Devin HarrisEast CarolinaAAA57
2Chris WallaceHoustonAAA57
4Andrew ManningAlabama-BirminghamNCAA55
5Rick HagueRiceAAA53
6B.A. VollmuthSouthern MissA+51
6Jon GriffinCentral FloridaAA51
8Thor MeeksMarshallNCAA50
8Trey WiedmanMemphisNCAA50
10Derrick ThomasMemphisNCAA49
Hit By Pitch - (ConfUSA)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Kyle RollerEast CarolinaAAA22
1Shane BrownCentral FloridaAA22
3Taylor WalkerSouthern MissNCAA17
4Austin JohnstonCentral FloridaNCAA15
4Mark EllisSouthern MissNCAA15
6Michael RatterreeRiceAA13
6Chad ZurcherMemphisA13
6Chris DuffyCentral FloridaA+13
9Jonathan MerrittAlabama-BirminghamRk12
9Adam DoleacSouthern MissNCAA12
Sacrifice Hits - (ConfUSA)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Adam DoleacSouthern MissNCAA7
1Jimmy ComerotaRiceAA7
3Victor GomezMarshallRk6
4Tyler KoellingSouthern MissRk5
4Blake CrohanTulaneNCAA5
4Chad MozingoRiceA-5
4Jonathan MerrittAlabama-BirminghamRk5
4Zach WrightEast CarolinaAA5
4Anthony RendonRiceMLB5
10Nick BoullosaTulaneNCAA4
Sacrifice Flies - (ConfUSA)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Nick CrawfordAlabama-BirminghamNCAA15
2Travis GravesSouthern MissNCAA12
2Austin JohnstonCentral FloridaNCAA12
4Kenny SocorroMarshallA11
5Ryan StillHoustonIndy9
5Nick BoullosaTulaneNCAA9
7Jimmy ComerotaRiceAA7
7Blake KelsoHoustonA+7
7Craig ManuelRiceAAA7
10Chad ZurcherMemphisA6
Grounded into Double Play - (ConfUSA)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Rob SegedinTulaneMLB12
1Taylor WalkerSouthern MissNCAA12
1Victor GomezMarshallRk12
4Brennan MiddletonTulaneA11
5Andrew ManningAlabama-BirminghamNCAA9
6Matt CreelHoustonNCAA8
6M.P. CokinosHoustonAA8
6Joey ArcherSouthern MissNCAA8
9Adam McClainMemphisNCAA7
9Jimmy ComerotaRiceAA7
Extra Base Hits - (ConfUSA)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Rob SegedinTulaneMLB45
2Chris DuffyCentral FloridaA+40
3B.A. VollmuthSouthern MissA+39
3Anthony RendonRiceMLB39
5Rick HagueRiceAAA35
5Shane BrownCentral FloridaAA35
7Jeremy RathjenRiceAA33
8Victor GomezMarshallRk32
9Devin HarrisEast CarolinaAAA31
10Luke StewartAlabama-BirminghamA-30
Secondary Average - (ConfUSA)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Anthony RendonRiceMLB.739
2Kyle RollerEast CarolinaAAA.638
3Chris DuffyCentral FloridaA+.568
4B.A. VollmuthSouthern MissA+.534
5Luke StewartAlabama-BirminghamA-.526
6Rob SegedinTulaneMLB.524
7Zach WrightEast CarolinaAA.483
8Diego SeastrunkRiceA-.458
9Zak PresleyHoustonNCAA.444
9Adam DoleacSouthern MissNCAA.444
Isolated Power - (ConfUSA)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Anthony RendonRiceMLB.407
2Chris DuffyCentral FloridaA+.403
3Luke StewartAlabama-BirminghamA-.381
4Rob SegedinTulaneMLB.354
5B.A. VollmuthSouthern MissA+.343
6Zach WrightEast CarolinaAA.340
7Heith HatfieldMemphisIndy.333
8Victor GomezMarshallRk.300
9Gunner WrightTulaneNCAA.292
10Kurt LiptonMarshallNCAA.286
BAVG on Balls in Play - (ConfUSA)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Chris DuffyCentral FloridaA+.473
2Gunner WrightTulaneNCAA.451
3Michael FudaRiceNCAA.442
4Shane BrownCentral FloridaAA.439
5Rob SegedinTulaneMLB.436
6Darnell SweeneyCentral FloridaMLB.433
7B.A. VollmuthSouthern MissA+.430
8Drew MartinezMemphisA.419
8Heith HatfieldMemphisIndy.419
10Corey ThompsonEast CarolinaRk.417
Walks Percentage - (ConfUSA)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Kyle RollerEast CarolinaAAA0.22
1Anthony RendonRiceMLB0.22
3Zak PresleyHoustonNCAA0.20
4Adam ZabelTulaneNCAA0.19
4Mikael SawayAlabama-BirminghamNCAA0.19
6Quinn PippinTulaneIndy0.17
6Jake RunteHoustonNCAA0.17
6Digger ToweAlabama-BirminghamNCAA0.17
9Ryan StillHoustonIndy0.16
9Diego SeastrunkRiceA-0.16
Strikeouts Percentage - (ConfUSA)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Jamal AustinAlabama-BirminghamAA0.06
1Chad ZurcherMemphisA0.06
1Craig ManuelRiceAAA0.06
4Anthony RendonRiceMLB0.07
4Jimmy ComerotaRiceAA0.07
4Shane BrownCentral FloridaAA0.07
7Kirby PellantMarshallA0.08
7Rob SegedinTulaneMLB0.08
7Blake KelsoHoustonA+0.08
7James LavinskasMarshallNCAA0.08
Strikeout-Walk Ratio - (ConfUSA)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Anthony RendonRiceMLB0.34
2Zak PresleyHoustonNCAA0.47
3Ryan StillHoustonIndy0.48
4Diego SeastrunkRiceA-0.56
4Shane BrownCentral FloridaAA0.56
6Craig ManuelRiceAAA0.57
7Adam ZabelTulaneNCAA0.58
8Rob SegedinTulaneMLB0.61
9Ronnie RichardsonCentral FloridaA+0.68
10Nick CrawfordAlabama-BirminghamNCAA0.69
290 record(s)
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