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YearMfrEditionCardNoTeamCard Description
1988DonrussRegular Issue15St. Louis CardinalsJack Clark  Diamond Kings   profile
1988DonrussRegular Issue31St. Louis CardinalsLance Johnson  Rated Rookie   profile
1988DonrussRegular Issue60St. Louis CardinalsDanny Cox   profile
1988DonrussRegular Issue84St. Louis CardinalsGreg Mathews   profile
1988DonrussRegular Issue111St. Louis CardinalsBob Forsch   profile
1988DonrussRegular Issue140St. Louis CardinalsJoe Magrane   profile
1988DonrussRegular Issue170St. Louis CardinalsTony Pena   profile
1988DonrussRegular Issue183St. Louis CardinalsJack Clark   profile
1988DonrussRegular Issue208St. Louis CardinalsTom Herr   profile
1988DonrussRegular Issue234St. Louis CardinalsJose Oquendo   profile
1988DonrussRegular Issue263St. Louis CardinalsOzzie Smith   profile
1988DonrussRegular Issue293St. Louis CardinalsVince Coleman   profile
1988DonrussRegular Issue307St. Louis CardinalsWillie McGee   profile
1988DonrussRegular Issue331St. Louis CardinalsBill Dawley   profile
1988DonrussRegular Issue357St. Louis CardinalsKen Dayley   profile
1988DonrussRegular Issue386St. Louis CardinalsTodd Worrell   profile
1988DonrussRegular Issue417St. Louis CardinalsCurt Ford   profile
1988DonrussRegular Issue430St. Louis CardinalsRicky Horton   profile
1988DonrussRegular Issue454St. Louis CardinalsTerry Pendleton   profile
1988DonrussRegular Issue480St. Louis CardinalsJohn Morris   profile
1988DonrussRegular Issue510St. Louis CardinalsSteve Lake   profile
1988DonrussRegular Issue540St. Louis CardinalsJim Lindeman   profile
1988DonrussRegular Issue553St. Louis CardinalsJohn Tudor   profile
1988DonrussRegular Issue577St. Louis CardinalsTom Pagnozzi   profile
1988DonrussRegular Issue641St. Louis CardinalsStan Musial  Hall of Fame Diamond Kings   profile
1988DonrussRegular Issue641St. Louis CardinalsStan Musial  Hall of Fame Diamond Kings   profile
1988DonrussRegular Issue647St. Louis CardinalsScott Terry   profile
1988DonrussRookies22St. Louis CardinalsSteve Peters   profile
1988DonrussRookies50St. Louis CardinalsCris Carpenter   profile
1988DonrussRookies52St. Louis CardinalsLuis Alicea   profile
1988FleerRegular Issue26St. Louis CardinalsJack Clark   profile
1988FleerRegular Issue27St. Louis CardinalsVince Coleman   profile
1988FleerRegular Issue28St. Louis CardinalsDanny Cox   profile
1988FleerRegular Issue29St. Louis CardinalsBill Dawley   profile
1988FleerRegular Issue30St. Louis CardinalsKen Dayley   profile
1988FleerRegular Issue31St. Louis CardinalsDoug DeCinces   profile
1988FleerRegular Issue32St. Louis CardinalsCurt Ford   profile
1988FleerRegular Issue33St. Louis CardinalsBob Forsch   profile
1988FleerRegular Issue34St. Louis CardinalsDavid Green   profile
1988FleerRegular Issue35St. Louis CardinalsTom Herr   profile
1988FleerRegular Issue36St. Louis CardinalsRicky Horton   profile
1988FleerRegular Issue37St. Louis CardinalsLance Johnson   profile
1988FleerRegular Issue38St. Louis CardinalsSteve Lake   profile
1988FleerRegular Issue39St. Louis CardinalsJim Lindeman   profile
1988FleerRegular Issue40St. Louis CardinalsJoe Magrane   profile
1988FleerRegular Issue41St. Louis CardinalsGreg Mathews   profile
1988FleerRegular Issue42St. Louis CardinalsWillie McGee   profile
1988FleerRegular Issue43St. Louis CardinalsJohn Morris   profile
1988FleerRegular Issue44St. Louis CardinalsJose Oquendo   profile
1988FleerRegular Issue45St. Louis CardinalsTony Pena   profile
1988FleerRegular Issue46St. Louis CardinalsTerry Pendleton   profile
1988FleerRegular Issue47St. Louis CardinalsOzzie Smith   profile
1988FleerRegular Issue48St. Louis CardinalsJohn Tudor   profile
1988FleerRegular Issue49St. Louis CardinalsLee Tunnell   profile
1988FleerRegular Issue50St. Louis CardinalsTodd Worrell   profile
1988ScoreRegular Issue12St. Louis CardinalsOzzie Smith   profile
1988ScoreRegular Issue40St. Louis CardinalsWillie McGee   profile
1988ScoreRegular Issue48St. Louis CardinalsTony Pena   profile
1988ScoreRegular Issue302St. Louis CardinalsJim Lindeman   profile
1988ScoreRegular Issue328St. Louis CardinalsBill Dawley   profile
1988ScoreRegular Issue517St. Louis CardinalsKen Dayley   profile
1988ToppsRegular Issue1St. Louis CardinalsVince Coleman  Record Breaker   profile
1988ToppsRegular Issue34St. Louis CardinalsRicky Horton   profile
1988ToppsRegular Issue59St. Louis CardinalsDanny Cox   profile
1988ToppsRegular Issue83St. Louis CardinalsJose Oquendo   profile
1988ToppsRegular Issue100St. Louis CardinalsJack Clark   profile
1988ToppsRegular Issue133St. Louis CardinalsGreg Mathews   profile
1988ToppsRegular Issue160St. Louis CardinalsWillie McGee   profile
1988ToppsRegular Issue183St. Louis CardinalsTom Lawless   profile
1988ToppsRegular Issue208St. Louis CardinalsSteve Lake   profile
1988ToppsRegular Issue397St. Louis CardinalsJack Clark  NL All-Star   profile
1988ToppsRegular Issue400St. Louis CardinalsOzzie Smith  NL All-Star   profile
1988ToppsRegular Issue483St. Louis CardinalsRod Booker   profile
1988ToppsRegular Issue536St. Louis CardinalsJohn Morris   profile
1988ToppsRegular Issue586St. Louis CardinalsBob Forsch   profile
1988ToppsRegular Issue635St. Louis CardinalsTerry Pendleton   profile
1988ToppsRegular Issue658St. Louis CardinalsTim Conroy   profile
1988ToppsRegular Issue792St. Louis CardinalsJohn Tudor   profile
1988ToppsTraded3St. Louis CardinalsLuis Alicea   profile
1988ToppsTraded20St. Louis CardinalsTom Brunansky   profile
1988ToppsTraded34St. Louis CardinalsJose DeLeon   profile
1988ToppsTraded50St. Louis CardinalsBob Horner   profile
1988ToppsTraded70St. Louis CardinalsLarry McWilliams   profile
1988ToppsTraded84St. Louis CardinalsSteve Peters   profile
1988ToppsTraded119St. Louis CardinalsScott Terry   profile

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