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YearMfrEditionCardNoTeamCard Description
1987DonrussHighlights17New York YankeesDon Mattingly  Consecutive game homer streak   profile
1987DonrussHighlights19New York YankeesCatfish Hunter  1987 Hall of Fame Inductee   profile
1987DonrussHighlights23New York YankeesDon Mattingly  AL Player of the Month - July   profile
1987DonrussHighlights48New York YankeesDon Mattingly  Sets Slam Record   profile
1987DonrussRegular Issue20New York YankeesDave Winfield  Diamond Kings   profile
1987DonrussRegular Issue52New York YankeesDon Mattingly   profile
1987DonrussRegular Issue93New York YankeesRon Guidry   profile
1987DonrussRegular Issue105New York YankeesDave Winfield   profile
1987DonrussRegular Issue128New York YankeesDave Righetti   profile
1987DonrussRegular Issue154New York YankeesWillie Randolph   profile
1987DonrussRegular Issue175New York YankeesDennis Rasmussen   profile
1987DonrussRegular Issue217New York YankeesJoe Niekro   profile
1987DonrussRegular Issue228New York YankeesRickey Henderson   profile
1987DonrussRegular Issue251New York YankeesDoug Drabek   profile
1987DonrussRegular Issue277New York YankeesMike Easler   profile
1987DonrussRegular Issue298New York YankeesMike Pagliarulo   profile
1987DonrussRegular Issue340New York YankeesBrian Fisher   profile
1987DonrussRegular Issue351New York YankeesRon Kittle   profile
1987DonrussRegular Issue374New York YankeesRod Scurry   profile
1987DonrussRegular Issue401New York YankeesPhil Lombardi  c-dh   profile
1987DonrussRegular Issue422New York YankeesBob Tewksbury   profile
1987DonrussRegular Issue463New York YankeesBob Shirley   profile
1987DonrussRegular Issue474New York YankeesDan Pasqua   profile
1987DonrussRegular Issue497New York YankeesTim Stoddard   profile
1987DonrussRegular Issue524New York YankeesWayne Tolleson   profile
1987DonrussRegular Issue545New York YankeesJoel Skinner   profile
1987DonrussRegular Issue597New York YankeesScott Nielsen   profile
1987FleerAll-Star Team1New York YankeesDon Mattingly   profile
1987FleerAll-Stars1New York YankeesDon Mattingly   profile
1987FleerAll-Stars7New York YankeesMike Easler   profile
1987FleerAll-Stars26New York YankeesDon Mattingly   profile
1987FleerAll-Stars35New York YankeesWillie Randolph   profile
1987FleerAward Winners16New York YankeesRon Guidry   profile
1987FleerAward Winners24New York YankeesDon Mattingly   profile
1987FleerAward Winners32New York YankeesDave Righetti   profile
1987FleerExciting Stars24New York YankeesRickey Henderson   profile
1987FleerExciting Stars33New York YankeesDon Mattingly   profile
1987FleerExciting Stars35New York YankeesDennis Rasmussen   profile
1987FleerGame Winners26New York YankeesDon Mattingly   profile
1987FleerGame Winners35New York YankeesDennis Rasmussen   profile
1987FleerHeadliners4New York YankeesRickey Henderson   profile
1987FleerHottest Stars20New York YankeesRickey Henderson   profile
1987FleerHottest Stars27New York YankeesDon Mattingly   profile
1987FleerHottest Stars31New York YankeesDave Righetti   profile
1987FleerLeague Leaders28New York YankeesDon Mattingly   profile
1987FleerLeague Leaders33New York YankeesMike Pagliarulo   profile
1987FleerLimited Edition26New York YankeesDon Mattingly   profile
1987FleerLimited Edition42New York YankeesDave Winfield   profile
1987FleerRecord Setters20New York YankeesDon Mattingly   profile
1987FleerRecord Setters32New York YankeesDave Righetti   profile
1987FleerSluggers vs Pitchers18New York YankeesRickey Henderson   profile
1987FleerSluggers vs Pitchers25New York YankeesDon Mattingly   profile
1987FleerUpdate106New York YankeesMark Salas   profile
1987FleerUpdate122New York YankeesGary Ward   profile
1987ToppsGlossy All-Stars17New York YankeesDave Winfield   profile
1987ToppsGlossy All-Stars18New York YankeesRickey Henderson   profile
1987ToppsRegular Issue5New York YankeesDave Righetti  Record Breaker   profile
1987ToppsRegular Issue15New York YankeesClaudell Washington   profile
1987ToppsRegular Issue40New York YankeesDave Righetti   profile
1987ToppsRegular Issue57New York YankeesScott Nielsen   profile
1987ToppsRegular Issue62New York YankeesBob Meacham   profile
1987ToppsRegular Issue74New York YankeesDan Pasqua   profile
1987ToppsRegular Issue102New York YankeesPaul Zuvella   profile
1987ToppsRegular Issue135New York YankeesMike Easler   profile
1987ToppsRegular Issue168New York YankeesLou Piniella  Mgr   profile
1987ToppsRegular Issue174New York YankeesHenry Cotto   profile
1987ToppsRegular Issue195New York YankeesMike Pagliarulo   profile
1987ToppsRegular Issue224New York YankeesWayne Tolleson   profile
1987ToppsRegular Issue236New York YankeesTommy John   profile
1987ToppsRegular Issue239New York YankeesJuan Espino   profile
1987ToppsRegular Issue254New York YankeesBob Tewksbury   profile
1987ToppsRegular Issue283New York YankeesDoug Drabek   profile
1987ToppsRegular Issue312New York YankeesReggie Jackson   profile
1987ToppsRegular Issue316New York YankeesBrian Fisher   profile
1987ToppsRegular Issue344New York YankeesJoe Niekro   profile
1987ToppsRegular Issue375New York YankeesRon Guidry   profile
1987ToppsRegular Issue406New York YankeesTeam Leaders  Rickey Henderson, Don Mattingly
1987ToppsRegular Issue434New York YankeesMike Fischlin   profile
1987ToppsRegular Issue464New York YankeesButch Wynegar   profile
1987ToppsRegular Issue500New York YankeesDon Mattingly   profile
1987ToppsRegular Issue524New York YankeesBob Shirley   profile
1987ToppsRegular Issue555New York YankeesDennis Rasmussen   profile
1987ToppsRegular Issue584New York YankeesRon Kittle   profile
1987ToppsRegular Issue606New York YankeesDon Mattingly  1b - AL All-Star   profile
1987ToppsRegular Issue616New York YankeesDave Righetti  AL All-Star   profile
1987ToppsRegular Issue626New York YankeesJoel Skinner   profile
1987ToppsRegular Issue642New York YankeesAlfonso Pulido   profile
1987ToppsRegular Issue665New York YankeesRod Scurry   profile
1987ToppsRegular Issue683New York YankeesGary Roenicke   profile
1987ToppsRegular Issue701New York YankeesWillie Randolph   profile
1987ToppsRegular Issue735New York YankeesRickey Henderson   profile
1987ToppsRegular Issue770New York YankeesDave Winfield   profile
1987ToppsRegular Issue788New York YankeesTim Stoddard   profile
1987ToppsSend-Ins56New York YankeesMike Pagliarulo   profile
1987ToppsTraded21New York YankeesRick Cerone   profile
1987ToppsTraded40New York YankeesCecilio Guante   profile
1987ToppsTraded50New York YankeesCharles Hudson   profile
1987ToppsTraded101New York YankeesRick Rhoden   profile
1987ToppsTraded107New York YankeesMark Salas   profile
1987ToppsTraded125New York YankeesGary Ward   profile

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