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YearMfrEditionCardNoTeamCard Description
1981DonrussRegular Issue18Houston AstrosJoe Morgan   profile
1981DonrussRegular Issue19Houston AstrosRafael Landestoy   profile
1981DonrussRegular Issue20Houston AstrosBruce Bochy   profile
1981DonrussRegular Issue21Houston AstrosJoe Sambito   profile
1981DonrussRegular Issue23Houston AstrosDave Smith   profile
1981DonrussRegular Issue24Houston AstrosTerry Puhl   profile
1981DonrussRegular Issue138Houston AstrosEnos Cabell   profile
1981DonrussRegular Issue139Houston AstrosDave Bergman   profile
1981DonrussRegular Issue140Houston AstrosJ.R. Richard   profile
1981DonrussRegular Issue141Houston AstrosKen Forsch   profile
1981DonrussRegular Issue143Houston AstrosFrank LaCorte   profile
1981DonrussRegular Issue144Houston AstrosDenny Walling   profile
1981DonrussRegular Issue258Houston AstrosArt Howe   profile
1981DonrussRegular Issue259Houston AstrosAlan Ashby   profile
1981DonrussRegular Issue260Houston AstrosNolan Ryan   profile
1981DonrussRegular Issue261Houston AstrosVern Ruhle   profile
1981DonrussRegular Issue263Houston AstrosCesar Cedeno   profile
1981DonrussRegular Issue264Houston AstrosJeff Leonard   profile
1981DonrussRegular Issue378Houston AstrosCraig Reynolds   profile
1981DonrussRegular Issue379Houston AstrosLuis Pujols   profile
1981DonrussRegular Issue380Houston AstrosJoe Niekro   profile
1981DonrussRegular Issue381Houston AstrosJoaquin Andujar   profile
1981DonrussRegular Issue383Houston AstrosJose Cruz   profile
1981DonrussRegular Issue384Houston AstrosBill Virdon  Mgr   profile
1981DonrussRegular Issue490Houston AstrosDave Roberts   profile
1981FleerRegular Issue51Houston AstrosArt Howe   profile
1981FleerRegular Issue52Houston AstrosKen Forsch   profile
1981FleerRegular Issue53Houston AstrosVern Ruhle   profile
1981FleerRegular Issue54Houston AstrosJoe Niekro   profile
1981FleerRegular Issue55Houston AstrosFrank LaCorte   profile
1981FleerRegular Issue56Houston AstrosJ.R. Richard   profile
1981FleerRegular Issue57Houston AstrosNolan Ryan   profile
1981FleerRegular Issue58Houston AstrosEnos Cabell   profile
1981FleerRegular Issue59Houston AstrosCesar Cedeno   profile
1981FleerRegular Issue60Houston AstrosJose Cruz   profile
1981FleerRegular Issue61Houston AstrosBill Virdon  Mgr   profile
1981FleerRegular Issue62Houston AstrosTerry Puhl   profile
1981FleerRegular Issue63Houston AstrosJoaquin Andujar   profile
1981FleerRegular Issue64Houston AstrosAlan Ashby   profile
1981FleerRegular Issue65Houston AstrosJoe Sambito   profile
1981FleerRegular Issue66Houston AstrosDenny Walling   profile
1981FleerRegular Issue67Houston AstrosJeff Leonard   profile
1981FleerRegular Issue68Houston AstrosLuis Pujols   profile
1981FleerRegular Issue69Houston AstrosBruce Bochy   profile
1981FleerRegular Issue70Houston AstrosRafael Landestoy   profile
1981FleerRegular Issue71Houston AstrosDave Smith   profile
1981FleerRegular Issue72Houston AstrosDanny Heep   profile
1981FleerRegular Issue73Houston AstrosJulio Gonzalez   profile
1981FleerRegular Issue74Houston AstrosCraig Reynolds   profile
1981FleerRegular Issue75Houston AstrosGary Woods   profile
1981FleerRegular Issue76Houston AstrosDave Bergman   profile
1981FleerRegular Issue77Houston AstrosRandy Niemann   profile
1981FleerRegular Issue78Houston AstrosJoe Morgan   profile
1981FleerRegular Issue197Houston AstrosDave Concepcion   profile
1981ToppsRegular Issue45Houston AstrosEnos Cabell   profile
1981ToppsRegular Issue82Houston AstrosFuture Stars  Danny Heep, Alan Knicely, Bobby Sprowl
1981ToppsRegular Issue105Houston AstrosJose Cruz   profile
1981ToppsRegular Issue129Houston AstrosArt Howe   profile
1981ToppsRegular Issue148Houston AstrosRandy Niemann   profile
1981ToppsRegular Issue172Houston AstrosGary Woods   profile
1981ToppsRegular Issue190Houston AstrosCesar Cedeno   profile
1981ToppsRegular Issue240Houston AstrosNolan Ryan   profile
1981ToppsRegular Issue253Houston AstrosDave Bergman   profile
1981ToppsRegular Issue269Houston AstrosKen Forsch   profile
1981ToppsRegular Issue313Houston AstrosLuis Pujols   profile
1981ToppsRegular Issue329Houston AstrosJoaquin Andujar   profile
1981ToppsRegular Issue350Houston AstrosJ.R. Richard   profile
1981ToppsRegular Issue385Houston AstrosJoe Sambito   profile
1981ToppsRegular Issue411Houston AstrosTerry Puhl   profile
1981ToppsRegular Issue439Houston AstrosDenny Walling   profile
1981ToppsRegular Issue469Houston AstrosJeff Leonard   profile
1981ToppsRegular Issue491Houston AstrosGordie Pladson   profile
1981ToppsRegular Issue513Houston AstrosFrank LaCorte   profile
1981ToppsRegular Issue534Houston AstrosDave Smith   profile
1981ToppsRegular Issue560Houston AstrosJoe Morgan   profile
1981ToppsRegular Issue597Houston AstrosRafael Landestoy  ss-3b   profile
1981ToppsRegular Issue617Houston AstrosCraig Reynolds   profile
1981ToppsRegular Issue642Houston AstrosVern Ruhle   profile
1981ToppsRegular Issue678Houston AstrosBill Virdon  Team Card   profile
1981ToppsRegular Issue696Houston AstrosAlan Ashby   profile
1981ToppsRegular Issue722Houston AstrosJoe Niekro   profile
1981ToppsTraded765Houston AstrosKiko Garcia   profile
1981ToppsTraded774Houston AstrosMike Ivie   profile
1981ToppsTraded782Houston AstrosBob Knepper   profile
1981ToppsTraded824Houston AstrosDave Roberts   profile
1981ToppsTraded828Houston AstrosTony Scott   profile
1981ToppsTraded833Houston AstrosHarry Spilman   profile
1981ToppsTraded839Houston AstrosDon Sutton   profile
1981ToppsTraded844Houston AstrosDickie Thon   profile

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