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Minnesota Twins [3] Cleveland Indians [10]Play by Play
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Roy Foster played in this game for CLE
Play by Play results of this game. Play by Play data is available since 1957. The grid below provides an at-bat by at-bat record of this game including the game state at the time of the at bat, the batter and pitcher information and the results.

Date of GameMonday August 21,1972Day/NightNight
StadiumCleveland StadiumLocationCleveland,OH
Winning PitcherMilt WilcoxLosing PitcherJim PerrySaveSteve Mingori

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Play by Play

Top Scored on Play
InningBatterTeamLnPosAgeHandPitcherTeamAgeHandResultDescOutBalStrRunner on 1bRunner on 2bRunner on 3bPitches
1Jim NettlesMIN1CF25.172LMilt WilcoxCLE 22.123R6Flyout SS000
1Rod CarewMIN22B26.324LMilt WilcoxCLE 22.123RS8Single CF100
1Steve BraunMIN33B24.105LMilt WilcoxCLE 22.123RS9.1-3Single RF100Rod Carew
1Bobby DarwinMIN4RF29.186RMilt WilcoxCLE 22.123RS7.1-2;3-HSingle LF100Steve BraunRod Carew
1Rich ReeseMIN51B30.326LMilt WilcoxCLE 22.123RPO1(23)100Bobby DarwinSteve Braun
1Rich ReeseMIN51B30.326LMilt WilcoxCLE 22.123RIWIntentional Walk200Steve Braun
1Danny ThompsonMIN6SS25.201RMilt WilcoxCLE 22.123RW.2-3;1-2Walk200Rich ReeseSteve Braun
1Charlie ManuelMIN7LF28.230LMilt WilcoxCLE 22.123RKStrikeout Swinging200Danny ThompsonRich ReeseSteve Braun
1Buddy BellCLE 1CF20.360RJim PerryMIN36.296RWWalk000
1Jack BrohamerCLE 22B22.176LJim PerryMIN36.296R8Flyout CF000Buddy Bell
1Chris ChamblissCLE 31B23.238LJim PerryMIN36.296RS8.1-3;B-2(TH)Single CF100Buddy Bell
1Alex JohnsonCLE 4LF29.257RJim PerryMIN36.296RS9.2-H;3-HSingle RF100Chris ChamblissBuddy Bell
1Graig NettlesCLE 53B28.001LJim PerryMIN36.296R8Flyout CF100Alex Johnson
1Ray FosseCLE 6C25.139RJim PerryMIN36.296RHP.1-2Hit by Pitch200Alex Johnson
1John LowensteinCLE 7RF25.206LJim PerryMIN36.296R8Flyout CF200Ray FosseAlex Johnson
InningBatterTeamLnPosAgeHandPitcherTeamAgeHandResultDescOutBalStrRunner on 1bRunner on 2bRunner on 3bPitches
2Glenn BorgmannMIN8C22.088RMilt WilcoxCLE 22.123R53Groundout 3B000
2Jim PerryMIN9P36.296BMilt WilcoxCLE 22.123RKStrikeout Swinging100
2Jim NettlesMIN1CF25.172LMilt WilcoxCLE 22.123R4Flyout 2B200
2Frank DuffyCLE 8SS25.311RJim PerryMIN36.296R53Groundout 3B000
2Milt WilcoxCLE 9P22.123RJim PerryMIN36.296R63Groundout SS100
2Buddy BellCLE 1CF20.360RJim PerryMIN36.296RS9Single RF200
2Jack BrohamerCLE 22B22.176LJim PerryMIN36.296RHR/9.1-HHome Run RF200Buddy Bell
2Chris ChamblissCLE 31B23.238LJim PerryMIN36.296R43Groundout 2B200
InningBatterTeamLnPosAgeHandPitcherTeamAgeHandResultDescOutBalStrRunner on 1bRunner on 2bRunner on 3bPitches
3Rod CarewMIN22B26.324LMilt WilcoxCLE 22.123R8Flyout CF000
3Steve BraunMIN33B24.105LMilt WilcoxCLE 22.123R6/LLineout SS100
3Bobby DarwinMIN4RF29.186RMilt WilcoxCLE 22.123R7Flyout LF200
3Alex JohnsonCLE 4LF29.257RJim PerryMIN36.296RS7Single LF000
3Graig NettlesCLE 53B28.001LJim PerryMIN36.296R9.1-2Flyout RF000Alex Johnson
3Ray FosseCLE 6C25.139RJim PerryMIN36.296RS9.2-HSingle RF100Alex Johnson
3John LowensteinCLE 7RF25.206LJim StricklandMIN24.070LKStrikeout Swinging100Ray Fosse
3Frank DuffyCLE 8SS25.311RJim StricklandMIN24.070LD9.1-HDouble RF200Ray Fosse
3Milt WilcoxCLE 9P22.123RJim StricklandMIN24.070L43Groundout 2B200Frank Duffy
InningBatterTeamLnPosAgeHandPitcherTeamAgeHandResultDescOutBalStrRunner on 1bRunner on 2bRunner on 3bPitches
4Rich ReeseMIN51B30.326LMilt WilcoxCLE 22.123RWWalk000
4Danny ThompsonMIN6SS25.201RMilt WilcoxCLE 22.123R8Flyout CF000Rich Reese
4Charlie ManuelMIN7LF28.230LMilt WilcoxCLE 22.123R8Flyout CF100Rich Reese
4Glenn BorgmannMIN8C22.088RMilt WilcoxCLE 22.123RHR/7.1-HHome Run LF200Rich Reese
4Jim StricklandMIN9P24.070LMilt WilcoxCLE 22.123RK/CStrikeout Swinging200
4Buddy BellCLE 1CF20.360RJim StricklandMIN24.070LHR/7Home Run LF000
4Jack BrohamerCLE 22B22.176LJim StricklandMIN24.070L9Flyout RF000
4Chris ChamblissCLE 31B23.238LJim StricklandMIN24.070LKStrikeout Swinging100
4Alex JohnsonCLE 4LF29.257RJim StricklandMIN24.070LHR/7Home Run LF200
4Graig NettlesCLE 53B28.001LJim StricklandMIN24.070L43Groundout 2B200
InningBatterTeamLnPosAgeHandPitcherTeamAgeHandResultDescOutBalStrRunner on 1bRunner on 2bRunner on 3bPitches
5Jim NettlesMIN1CF25.172LMilt WilcoxCLE 22.123R8Flyout CF000
5Rod CarewMIN22B26.324LMilt WilcoxCLE 22.123RS8Single CF100
5Steve BraunMIN33B24.105LMilt WilcoxCLE 22.123R46(1)3/GDPGroundout 2B100Rod Carew
5Ray FosseCLE 6C25.139RJim StricklandMIN24.070LS9Single RF000
5John LowensteinCLE 7RF25.206LJim StricklandMIN24.070LKStrikeout Swinging000Ray Fosse
5Frank DuffyCLE 8SS25.311RJim StricklandMIN24.070LW.1-2Walk100Ray Fosse
5Roy FosterCLE 9PH27.023RJim StricklandMIN24.070LWP.1-3;2-H(E2)(UR)100Frank DuffyRay Fosse
5Roy FosterCLE 9PH27.023RJim StricklandMIN24.070LFLE2#100Frank Duffy
5Roy FosterCLE 9PH27.023RJim StricklandMIN24.070LKStrikeout Swinging100Frank Duffy
5Buddy BellCLE 1CF20.360RJim StricklandMIN24.070LIWIntentional Walk200Frank Duffy
5Jack BrohamerCLE 22B22.176LJim StricklandMIN24.070L6Flyout SS200Buddy BellFrank Duffy
InningBatterTeamLnPosAgeHandPitcherTeamAgeHandResultDescOutBalStrRunner on 1bRunner on 2bRunner on 3bPitches
6Bobby DarwinMIN4RF29.186RRay LambCLE 27.236R8Flyout CF000
6Rich ReeseMIN51B30.326LRay LambCLE 27.236R2/FLFlyout C100
6Danny ThompsonMIN6SS25.201RRay LambCLE 27.236R53Groundout 3B200
6Chris ChamblissCLE 31B23.238LDave LaRocheMIN24.099L7Flyout LF000
6Alex JohnsonCLE 4LF29.257RDave LaRocheMIN24.099L53Groundout 3B100
6Graig NettlesCLE 53B28.001LDave LaRocheMIN24.099LHR/7Home Run LF200
6Ray FosseCLE 6C25.139RDave LaRocheMIN24.099LHPHit by Pitch200
6John LowensteinCLE 7RF25.206LDave LaRocheMIN24.099LKStrikeout Swinging200mosej101
InningBatterTeamLnPosAgeHandPitcherTeamAgeHandResultDescOutBalStrRunner on 1bRunner on 2bRunner on 3bPitches
7Charlie ManuelMIN7LF28.230LRay LambCLE 27.236R53Groundout 3B000
7Glenn BorgmannMIN8C22.088RRay LambCLE 27.236RWWalk100
7Dan MonzonMIN9PH26.096RRay LambCLE 27.236R2/FLFlyout C100Glenn Borgmann
7Jim NettlesMIN1CF25.172LRay LambCLE 27.236RKStrikeout Swinging200Glenn Borgmann
7Frank DuffyCLE 8SS25.311RWayne GrangerMIN28.159R13Groundout P000
7Lou CamilliCLE 9PH25.331BWayne GrangerMIN28.159RE3Reached on Error by 1B100
7Buddy BellCLE 1CF20.360RWayne GrangerMIN28.159R9Flyout RF100Lou Camilli
7Jack BrohamerCLE 22B22.176LWayne GrangerMIN28.159R7Flyout LF200Lou Camilli
InningBatterTeamLnPosAgeHandPitcherTeamAgeHandResultDescOutBalStrRunner on 1bRunner on 2bRunner on 3bPitches
8Rod CarewMIN22B26.324LSteve MingoriCLE 28.174L4Flyout 2B000
8Steve BraunMIN33B24.105LSteve MingoriCLE 28.174L43Groundout 2B100
8Bobby DarwinMIN4RF29.186RSteve MingoriCLE 28.174LS7Single LF200
8Rich ReeseMIN51B30.326LSteve MingoriCLE 28.174LKStrikeout Swinging200Bobby Darwin
8Chris ChamblissCLE 31B23.238LWayne GrangerMIN28.159R3/LLineout 1B000
8Alex JohnsonCLE 4LF29.257RWayne GrangerMIN28.159RK/CStrikeout Swinging100
8Graig NettlesCLE 53B28.001LWayne GrangerMIN28.159RD9Double RF200
8Jerry MosesCLE 6C26.012RWayne GrangerMIN28.159R63Groundout SS200Graig Nettles
InningBatterTeamLnPosAgeHandPitcherTeamAgeHandResultDescOutBalStrRunner on 1bRunner on 2bRunner on 3bPitches
9Danny ThompsonMIN6SS25.201RSteve MingoriCLE 28.174LS7Single LF000
9Eric SoderholmMIN7PH23.331RSteve MingoriCLE 28.174L8Flyout CF000Danny Thompson
9Glenn BorgmannMIN8C22.088RSteve MingoriCLE 28.174LK/CStrikeout Swinging100Danny Thompson
9Steve BryeMIN9PH23.198RSteve MingoriCLE 28.174LS7.1-2Single LF200Danny Thompson
9Cesar TovarMIN1PH32.049RSteve MingoriCLE 28.174L64(1)/FOGroundout SS200Steve BryeDanny Thompson