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The TBC Player Tracker is a service that is included in your TBC PREMIUM account. It provides you the ability to track in-season statistics for up to 200 players.

Creating a Tracker Accounts requires a PREMIUM Account.

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*See FAQ for explanation on college players update frequency
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About The Player Tracker

This service is useful for fantasy owners tracking rookies, player agents tracking their players or fans of teams tracking prospects or college draft prospects. Note also that if the Player Tracker is not exactly what you are looking for, we can provide you with a custom data feed solution instead or visit our data store for more options.

The service provides you with a dedicated page that will display your 200 players and their batting/pitching stats based on TBC's latest updates. (The frequency of updates may vary from week to week. ) You will also be able to change the year to view historical stats for your players. More features to be added in the future.

The Tracker is included in your TBC PREMIUM account. PREMIUM gives you several benefits including no ads, access to research applications and data store discounts (25%) in addition to the Tracker.