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What Data is Available:

All of the data on the site is available for purchase, either through the Standard Data Products or through a Custom Data extract. This section deals with the Custom Extracts.

How Much do you Charge?

Before I answer this question, I want to make it clear that I am not charging you for the data. I am charging you for my services in collecting and preparing the data for you. The data itself is available publicly on the Internet and in publications and I am (mostly) not the owner. Public facts are not necessarily to copyright but I wanted this to be clear.

I have spent tens of thousands of hours collecting the data. The base cost of any data request will be based on the difficulty and time that went into collecting the data. You can use the Standard Data Produts listing to get an idea of the data cost.

The secondary cost is a "labour fee" which is applied to any extract that requires customizaiton. This means that I can't just write a simple query to pull the data from my database. I generally charge about $35/hour for labour and I'm pretty good at getting my data so it generally doesn't go over an hour. I like to think I am fair and accurate with my estimations.

Of course, I can't answer this question exactly but the data requests in the past have ranged from $12 for an easy request for simple data versus $400 for a "Project" where you provide detailed requirements and I provide you the data in the format you request."

How does the process work exactly?

Email us your request with as much organized detail as possible and I will respond to you as soon as I am able, usually within a day. We will iron out the details and I will provide you with a quote for a price. Upon payment, the data will (usually) be delivered within the next 48 hours. Please make sure to include a valid email address when submitting your request.

How long does it take to get the data?

As stated above, the normal process is within 48 hours, unless otherwise negotiated. If you need the data immediately, I can do my best to accomodate but I prefer to set the expectations at the time of purchase. That is, the moment I receive the PayPal email that payment has been sent. If the project is complex, I will negotiate with you for a longer time frame. If my schedule is hectic, I will also warn you in advance. Otherwise, standard protocol is within 48 hours of payment.

What format will the data be in?

My default format is CSV file. This is a text file with comma-delimited values. Example: (top row...) PlayeriD,firstname,lastname (next row...) 185120,Nick,Senzel. This file can be imported into Excel easily or into Access or any other application or system for that matter. If you have a different requirement, please let me know at the time of purchase and I will do my best to accomodate.

How do I get the data

Once I have completed the data project, I will store it in a folder on TheBaseballCube.Com server in zipped format. All files grouped together under the ZIP. The ZIP name will usually be an ID# + your last name. I save the queries or process I used to build your dataset so if you ever need a refresh or an adjustment, it will be a lot quicker to produce. When I complete the dataset, I will send you an email with the path to the ZIP file. It will look something like this: . (This is not a valid link) I will keep your data stored at this location for a few weeks before I recuperate the space.

Can I get ongoing data feeds?

Yes, I provide data feeds. TBC's data feeds are in the form of a dedicated URL with an underlying query that is connected directly to our database based on your requirements. Every time you visit the URL, the page is refreshed with up-to-date data. I once again prefer that you don't use the data to feed a public application. It should be for reference or private use, not to be moved directly into another system for powering a web site. Again, please contact me with information to explain usage if you have interest in a feed.

What if I have questions after delivery?

I won't be disappearing to northern Canada without a wifi signal. I will be around and able to resolve any issues after data has been delivered. For the more complex deliveries, its not uncommon to tweak after delivery. However if you want to add more data to the delivery, depending on the work required, I may charge.

Who usually buys data from you?

I have sold more than 1500 datasets over the course of the last 10 years. The range of clients has ranged from MLB Team Baseball Operations departments, scouts, agents, lawyers, college graduate students, reporters, web publishers and of course, regular baseball fans. It seems as though everyone who buys the data has an underlying project and its always fun to see how they use the data.

How Can I use the data?

I prefer the data be used for private use. And by private use, I mean that you don't turn around and publish this data on your own web site unless you specifically explain your situation. If you do use the data, you should cite The Baseball Cube as a service that helped you to get the data but note that we do not produce the data. Please do not say we are the source of data because we are a secondary unofficial distributor. Remember, you are paying for my services to help you with your project.