Page Notes  
The Site Map is a hierarchy of all pages available on The Baseball Cube organized in the exact way the site is organized through the menus. A portal page is a navigational page for a topic and does not contain a parameter passed into it. The data page is a page with different content based on a passed parameter. For example, though there is an entry for "Player Profile" in the site Map, there will be more than 150,000 different player pages as not all can be listed here. Clicking the page below will take you to a random player page and the same can be said for other data pages. They will mostly take you to a random page for that topic.

There are different Page Typs listed below. Only the Portal pages are linked. Data pages are available through the Portal pages. There is no sense linking to a data page since it is parameter-dependent. This map will at least show you the structure of the page.
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    MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL (MLB)                                       1 Portal   
        MLB Players                                                   2 Portal   
            MLB List by Letter                                        3 Data     
            Active Major Leaguers                                     3 Portal   
                Player Profile                                        4 Data     
                    Other Statistics                                  5 View
                    Jobs in Baseball                                  5 View
                    Transactions                                      5 View
                    Awards                                            5 View
                    Prospect History                                  5 View
                    Player Batting Log                                5 View
                    Player Pitching Log                               5 View
                    Player Batting Splits                             5 View
                    Player Batting Extended Stats                     5 View
                    Player Pitching Splits                            5 View
                    Player Pitching Extended Stats                    5 View
                    Player Leaderboards History                       5 View
        MLB Franchises                                                2 Portal   
            Franchise History                                         3 Data     
            Current Rosters                                           3 Portal   
                Current MLB Rosters                                   4 Data     
                Current Org Rosters                                   4 Data     
                Team Statistics                                       4 Data     
                Team Game Log                                         4 View
                MLB Team Roster                                       4 View
                Org Roster                                            4 View
                Defensive Lineup Log                                  4 View
                Offensive Lineup Log                                  4 View
                Starting Rotation Log                                 4 View
        MLB Seasons                                                   2 Portal   
            MLB By Year                                               3 Data     
                MLB Player Register                                   4 View
                MLB Leaders                                           4 View
            Playoffs                                                  3 Portal   
                MLB Playoffs by Year                                  4 Data     
                    MLB Playoff Series                                5 Data     
            All-Star Games                                            3 Portal   
                MLB All-Star Games by Year                            4 Data     
        MLB People                                                    2 Portal   
            MLB Managers                                              3 Portal   
                MLB Managers by Last Name                             4 Data     
                MLB Managers by Team                                  4 Data     
                    MLB Managers Record                               5 Data     
            General Managers                                          3 Portal   
                MLB GMs by Name                                       4 Data     
                MLB GMs by Team                                       4 Data     
            MLB Coaches                                               3 Portal   
                MLB Coaches by Last Name                              4 Data     
                MLB Coaches by Team                                   4 Data     
            Scouts                                                    3 Portal   
                Scouts by Name                                        4 Data     
            Umpires                                                   3 Portal   
                Umpires by Year                                       4 Data     
                Umpires by Letter                                     4 Data     
                    Umpire Profile                                    5 Data     
        MLB Draft                                                     2 Portal   
            Drafts by Year                                            3 Portal   
                Drafts by Year                                        4 Data     
                    List of Draft Picks                               5 Data     
            Drafts by Team                                            3 Portal   
                Draft History by Team                                 4 Data     
                    Draft Picks by Team/Year                          5 Data     
            Draft by Schools                                          3 Portal   
                Draft Picks by College                                4 Portal   
                    Draft Picks by College/Letter                     5 Data     
                Draft Picks by High School                            4 Portal   
                    Draft Picks by HS/Letter                          5 Data     
            Rule 5 Draft                                              3 Portal   
                Rule 5 Drafts by Year                                 4 Data     
                Rule 5 Draft Picks by Team                            4 Data     
                Rule 5 Drafts by Player                               4 Portal   
            Signing Bonuses                                           3 Portal   
            Undrafted Signings                                        3 Portal   
        MLB Awards                                                    2 Portal   
            MLB Awards Voting                                         3 Portal   
                MLB Awards Voting History                             4 Data     
                MLB Awards Voting by Team                             4 Data     
            MLB Awards Detail                                         3 Data     
        MLB Transactions                                              2 Portal   
            Birthdays                                                 3 Portal   
            Deaths                                                    3 Portal   
                Deaths by Year                                        4 Data     
            Trades                                                    3 Portal   
            MLB Contracts                                             3 Portal   
        MLB Injured List                                              2 Portal   
    MINOR LEAGUE BASEBALL                                             1 Portal   
        Minor League Players                                          2 Portal   
            List by Letter                                            3 Data     
            Active Minor Leaguers                                     3 Portal   
                Active Minor Leaguers by Letter                       4 Data     
            Current Minor League Rosters                              3 Portal   
                Current Minor League Rosters by Team                  4 Data     
        Minor League Teams                                            2 Portal   
            Minor League Teams by Year                                3 Data     
            Minor Teams by Region                                     3 Portal   
            Minor League Franchise Page                               3 Data     
                Minor League Team Alumni                              4 View
                Minor League Team Alumni                              4 View
                Minor League Team Alumni                              4 View
                Minor League Team Page                                4 Data     
        Affiliate History                                             2 Portal   
            Affiliate History by Team                                 3 Data     
        Minor Leagues                                                 2 Portal   
            League Page                                               3 Data     
                Minor League Review                                   4 Data     
                Minor League Player Register                          4 View
        Arizona Fall League (AFL)                                     2 Portal   
            Arizona Fall League by Year                               3 Data     
                AFL Stats                                             4 Data     
            Arizona Fall League Alumni                                3 Portal   
                AFL Players by Letter                                 4 Data     
        Minor Leagues by Season                                       2 Portal   
        Independent Baseball Leagues                                  2 Portal   
            Indy League Teams                                         3 Portal   
                Indy League Team History                              4 Data     
                Indy Team Alumni                                      4 View
                    Indy League Stats by Team                         5 Data     
            Indy Leagues Yearly View                                  3 Data     
                Inactive Indy Leagues                                 4 Portal   
            Indy Leagues by League                                    3 Portal   
                Indy Leagues History                                  4 Data     
                    Indy League Seasons                               5 Data     
            Indy League Players                                       3 Portal   
            Indy League Players by Letter                             3 Data     
            Indy League Awards                                        3 Portal   
                Indy Awards Detail                                    4 Data     
        Prospects                                                     2 Portal   
            Prospects by Year                                         3 Portal   
                Prospect View by Year                                 4 Data     
                    Prospect View by Team                             5 Data     
            Prospects By Team                                         3 Portal   
                Prospect Team Detail                                  4 Data     
            Prospects By Player Name                                  3 Portal   
                Prospects by Letter                                   4 Data     
            Prospects Stats Reports                                   3 Portal   
                Prospects Stats Report by Year                        4 Data     
                Prospects Stats Report by Team                        4 Data     
        Minor League Awards                                           2 Portal   
            Minor league Awards Detail                                3 Data     
        Minor League People                                           2 Portal   
            Minor League Managers                                     3 Portal   
                Current Minor League Managers                         4 Portal   
                Minor League Managers by Year                         4 Data     
                Minor League Managers by Letter                       4 Data     
            Minor League Coaches                                      3 Portal   
                Current Minor League Coaches                          4 Portal   
                Minor League Coaches by Letter                        4 Data     
        Minor League Transactions                                     2 Portal   
            Minor League Injured List                                 3 Portal   
    COLLEGE BASEBALL                                                  1 Portal   
        College Players                                               2 Portal   
            College Players List                                      3 Data     
        Colleges and Universities                                     2 Portal   
            List of Colleges                                          3 Data     
            Schools by State                                          3 Portal   
                Schools by State Detail                               4 Data     
                College Profile                                       4 Data     
                    College Stats                                     5 Data     
            Teams with Most MLB Players                               3 Portal   
        College Conferences                                           2 Portal   
            Conference History                                        3 Data     
                Conference Season Review                              4 Data     
                    Conference Player Register                        5 Data     
                        Major Leaguers in Conference                  6 View
                        Team Totals for Conference                    6 View
                        Stat Leaders College Conference               6 View
            All Conferences by Letter                                 3 Portal   
        College World Series                                          2 Portal   
            CWS by School                                             3 Portal   
                CWS School Detail                                     4 Data     
            CWS by Year                                               3 Portal   
                CWS Yearly Detail                                     4 Data     
            CWS Alumni                                                3 Portal   
                Alumni by Letter                                      4 Data     
                Major Leaguers Alumni                                 4 Portal   
        Summer Leagues                                                2 Portal   
            Summer League Teams                                       3 Data     
                Summer Lg Players by League                           4 View
                Team View of Summer League Team                       4 Data     
            Summer League Seasons                                     3 Data     
                Summer League Stats                                   4 Data     
            Summer League MLB Alumni                                  3 Portal   
                Summer Lg Player List by Letter                       4 Data     
            Summer League Team Listing                                3 Portal   
        College Awards                                                2 Portal   
            College Awards History                                    3 Data     
        RPI Rankings                                                  2 Portal   
            RPI Rankings by Year                                      3 Data     
        College People                                                2 Portal   
            College Head Coaches                                      3 Portal   
                Head Coaches by Letter                                4 Data     
            College Assistant Coaches                                 3 Portal   
                College Asst Coaches by Letter                        4 Data     
            Current College Coaching Staffs                           3 Portal   
    HIGH SCHOOL BASEBALL                                              1 Portal   
        High Schools by Region                                        2 Portal   
        High Schools by Name                                          2 Portal   
            High School Listing by Letter                             3 Data     
            High Schools Listing by Region                            3 Data     
                High School Profile                                   4 Data     
                    High School Stats and Roster                      5 Data     
        High School Awards                                            2 Portal   
            HS Awards Page                                            3 Data     
        High School Rankings                                          2 Portal   
            HS Rankings by Year                                       3 Data     
        HS + Major Leaguers                                           2 Portal   
    BOXSCORES AND ANALYSIS                                            1 Portal   
        Boxscore Calendars                                            2 Data     
        MLB Debuts                                                    2 View
            Baseball by Date                                          3 Data     
                Boxscores - Classic View                              4 Data     
                Boxscores - Play by Play                              4 View
        MLB Feats                                                     2 Portal   
            MLB 30/30 Club                                            3 Portal   
            MLB Cycles                                                3 Portal   
            300 Career MLB Homers                                     3 Portal   
            Minor League 30/30 Club                                   3 Portal   
            MLB No-Hitters                                            3 Portal   
            MLB Historical Combined No-Hitters                        3 Portal   
            300 Career Wins                                           3 Portal   
            300 Career Saves                                          3 Portal   
            3000 Career Strikeouts                                    3 Portal   
            3000 Career Hits                                          3 Portal   
            50 Homers in a Season                                     3 Portal   
            40 Homers in Minor League Season                          3 Portal   
            Compare Players                                           3 App      
            Batter-Pitcher Matchups                                   3 App      
        Research Applications                                         2 Portal   
            MLB Stats Research                                        3 App      
            Minor League Stats Research                               3 App      
            College Baseball Stats Research                           3 App      
            Draft Research                                            3 App      
            Play Finder                                               3 App      
            Boxscore Finder                                           3 App      
            Games Finder                                              3 App      
            Death Cause Search APP                                    3 App      
            Transactions Research Application                         3 App      
            Birthdays Application                                     3 App      
            Roster History Application                                3 App      
    OTHER TOPICS                                                      1 Portal   
        Other Players                                                 2 Portal   
            Other Players by Letter                                   3 Data     
        International Leagues                                         2 Portal   
            Australian League                                         3 Portal   
                Australian League Seasons                             4 Data     
                    Australian League Statistics                      5 Data     
                Australia League Alumni                               4 Portal   
            Japanese Leagues                                          3 Portal   
                Japanese League MLB Alumni                            4 Portal   
                Japanese League Teams                                 4 Data     
                    Japanese League Stats                             5 Data     
            Mexican League                                            3 Portal   
                Mexican League Teams                                  4 Data     
                Mexican League MLB Alumni                             4 Portal   
                    Mexican League MLB Alumni by Letter               5 Data     
                    Mexican League Statistics                         5 Data     
            Korean League                                             3 Portal   
                Korea League Statistics                               4 Data     
                Korea League Alumni                                   4 Portal   
            Dutch League                                              3 Portal   
                Dutch League Statistics                               4 Data     
                Dutch League Alumni                                   4 Portal   
        Hall of Fame                                                  2 Portal   
            Hall of Fame Voting                                       3 Data     
        Spring Training                                               2 Portal   
            Spring Training by Year                                   3 Data     
                Spring Training Statistics                            4 Data     
            Spring Training Locations                                 3 Portal   
        Payroll History                                               2 Portal   
            Payrolls by Year                                          3 Data     
        Attendance                                                    2 Portal   
            Attendance By Year                                        3 Data     
        Retired Numbers                                               2 Portal   
        Places                                                        2 Portal   
            Baseball by City                                          3 Portal   
                Cities per Region                                     4 Data     
                    City Profile                                      5 Data     
        Baseball Events                                               2 Portal   
            Futures Game                                              3 Portal   
                Futures Game Alumni                                   4 Data     
                Future Game Rosters by Year                           4 Data     
            Home Run Derby                                            3 Portal   
                Home Run Derby Yearly Review                          4 Data     
            Ballparks/Stadiums                                        3 Portal   
                Ballparks by Region                                   4 Data     
                    Ballpark Profile                                  5 Data     
        Uniform Numbers                                               2 Portal   
            MLB Uniform Numbers                                       3 Portal   
                MLB Uniforms by Team                                  4 Data     
            Minor League Uniform Numbers                              3 Portal   
                Minor Uniform Team List                               4 Data     
                    Minor League Uniforms by Team                     5 Data     
            College Uniform Numbers                                   3 Portal   
                College Uniform School List                           4 Data     
                    College Uniforms by School                        5 Data     
        Nicknames                                                     2 Portal   
            Nicknames by Letter                                       3 Data     
                Teams by Nickname                                     4 Data     
    ABOUT TBC                                                         1 Portal   
        Data Topics                                                   2 Portal   
            Data Topic Detail                                         3 Data     
        Data Store                                                    2 Portal   
            Data Products                                             3 Data     
            Custom Data Extracts                                      3 About    
        Talent Ratings                                                2 About    
        Stats Glossary                                                2 Portal   
            Stats Glossary by Letter                                  3 Data     
        Player Inclusion Rules                                        2 About    
        Baseball Terminology                                          2 Portal   
            Baseball Terminology by Letter                            3 Data     
        Search Tips                                                   2 About    
        How to Use The Site                                           2 About    
        History of TBC                                                2 About    
        Philosophy of TBC                                             2 About    
        FAQ                                                           2 About    
        Support                                                       2 About    
            Sponsorships                                              3 About    
        Newsletter                                                    2 About    
        Privacy Policy                                                2 About    
        Player Tracker Info                                           2 About    
        Add Yourself to TBC                                           2 About    
        Site Map                                                      2 Site Map 
        Contact TBC                                                   2 App      
    SITE UPDATES                                                      1 Portal