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The TBC Search Engine is a little bit more powerful than a keyword search. Here are some search tips for power users who want to navigate the site quicker. I welcome suggestions too.
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Search Tips

The TBC search engine can be used to improve your navigation on the site. Either by entering text or by using shortcuts. This section will describe the functionality and provide you with some keywords that might be worth learning if you use the site frequently and you would like to speed up your navigation. The types of searches can be classified as follows:

1. Dropdown search. Type in the search box and smart search will give you choices
2. String search - See what pages are available for a specific name, team, school etc. (Pedroia)
3. Modifier - Regular string search with a modifier to change the outcome of the search results ("MLB")
4. Jump search - A keyword will bring you to a new section (Draft)
5. Page search - A keyword paired with a variable that changes the destination based on the variable (Draft 2018)
6. Deep Search - Search through all stat records on the site, regardless of whether player has a profile.

Dropdown Search - With a fast enough Internet connection, you should have a responsive list of player page choices as you type into the search box at the top right of the site. For now, the dropdown will only show players since adding more topics causes issues with performance.

String Search - Enter a value of 3 or more characters to return a maximum of 100 records for that string. The more text you enter, the less that will return and the more likely that you will return the desired single result which will automatically redirect you to your intended page. The string search will cover several different topics on the site include Players, Pro Teams, Leagues, Colleges, Conferences, High Schools, Cities and possibly more. The same can likely be done on Google but once you are on the site, you might as well stay and Google might not have all pages indexed while our search engine most certainly will.

Modifiers - These are values you can append to the search strings above. Possibilites include:

  1 Result - No modifier to enter, but if you enter a string with only one search result, including if with a modifier below, the search will redirect you to that page
  mlb - Append MLB to only include Major Leaguers in the search
  % - use the % as a wildcard of unlimited length. For example, looking Trivino or Trevino. (Tr%vino). No need to put wildcards on either end since its there by default.
  x - Appended to the end of a search, this will bring back the first result. Example, Houston Astr x should bring back the Astros main page. Make sure text string and the x have a space between.
  "Quotes" - Surround your string with quotes to narrow your search.
Jump Search - Navigation-based shortcuts to bring you directly to the home page of a specific section on the site. Each of the shortcuts below are listed alphabetically and should be self-explanatory, if not, there will be a brief description in ()
	add player
	afl alumni
	award voting,awards voting
	college teams,schools,ncaa,naia,njcaa
	contact,contact us
	cws alumni
	store,datastore,data store
	death search,deaths search
	draft research,draftr
	dutch league
	hof,hall of fame,halloffame
	injury search
	minor tranx,minors tranx,minor transactions,minortranx
	mlb managers,mgrs
	mlb awards,mlbawards
	prospect,prospects,prospect rankings,prospects rankings
	search tips
	spring training
	summer,summerlg,summer leagues,summer league
	summermlb,summerplayers,summer players
	tips,search tips
	tranx search,transactions search
	uniform minor,unif minor,uniforms minor
Page Search - Jump to a specific section to avoid multiple navigation steps, including bypassing the section's home page.

Draft (Year)
ASG (Year) - All-Star Games by year
Ballparks (regionID) - List of Ballparks for a region
College (regionID) - List of colleges for a region
cws (year) - College World Series by Year
(YYYYMMDD) - Date in this format will redirect to this date in baseball history
deaths (year)
hof (year) - Hall of fame voting by year
draft (year) - Jump to specific draft
draft (year) (round) - Jumps to Draft by Year/Round for June Regular Phase
umpires (year) - Umpires by Year
random - Jumps to a random MLB or high-level Minor Leaguer

Deep Search - For TBC PREMIUM users only, this search option will scour our batting and pitching records for all stat records that we carry on the site including but not limited to MLB, Minor League, College, Summer Leagues, International Leagues, Playoffs, Spring Training. The Deep search allows you to group stats together for a specific player in absence of a dedicated player page.