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The Baseball Cube keeps track of baseball prospects history through the Baseball America pre-season rankings. The data is available since 1990 for top 100 rankings and since 1992 for top 10s for each team. TBC does not rank or evaluate prospects but instead, we try to provide the supporting statistical information for fans and scouts to evaluate on their own.

Prospect data is collected each spring once BA releases their pre-season rankings. Though BA Releases subsequent rankings, the official rankings used by TBC are from the pre-season. The prospects information for each player is available in the prospect section or in the tags section of the player pages.

Though TBC displays prospects data with statistics by year (separated by batters and pitchers) or by team, perhaps the most interesting characteristic of our prospect data is the inclusion of the player's current status and the ability to view a team's top 10 prospects by year since the early 1990s on one page.

The top prospect for the 2012 season was Bryce Harper of the Washington Nationals.

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