Page Notes  
Some quick points about how to use the site. There are some specific tools to using this site but otherwise, it�s a hierarchy of pages oragnized by topic, like any other site on the web.
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How to Use The Baseball Cube


The TBC Search Engine will help you navigate the site a bit better. You can search on Players, Teams, Seasons, high Schools and Cities and there are available shortcuts to help you jump to different places quicker. See Search Tips for a list of shortcuts.

Page Updates:

Pages are updated intermittently, depending on their content. Most pages are pre-built to improve speed of loading but it also means that pages are not dynamic. A dynamic page means only the back-end database needs to be updated with the data and the page will pick it up automatically. With pre-built pages, the database AND the page needs to be rebuilt. You can see when a particular page was last updated on the bottom, just below the page content. The backend is a complex spiderweb of pages being built at various intervals and it may take me some time to automate to perfection.

Scroll down:

Not all pages have anchors at the top that show you what is on the page lower down. Often there are additional grids lower down a page with a different view of the data.

Hidden Links:

I recommend hovering over content to see if there are hidden links. For whatever reason, I don't like a ton of links in any given grid. I find it somewhat overwhelming. So I have hidden some links. They are still clickable values but they will require you to hover over the words to see the underline and pointer.


If you remember the old YAHOO navigation system, TBC is not that far off. Check the Site Map to see the high-level view of the site but data is essentially organized under a small number of categories with many sub-categories. It�s a hierarchy of pages. From any page, in the Navigation Bar at the top, you can see exactly where you are at and, similar to Windows Explorer file navigation, you can jump back to higher nodes or change page via the >> drop down menus. Note that within a drop-down menu, there can be multiple categories so you may need to scroll down. For example, when navigating from a Rule 5 Year page, you can jump to other years or other teams. The years appear at top and the teams will appear lower down.

You may feel blind while you are navigating since there are not that many categories but we've tried to make the navigation instinctive and if at any point you don't know where to find something, go to the Site Map link at the bottom of the page and you can do a CTRL-F browser search to find your page.


Many grids have built in client-side sorting. This means that the data will sort immediately and not with a page re-load. Grids that are sortable will have a checkmark next to SORT above the grid. Grids that cannot be sorted will have an "X". The decision on whether to activate sort for each grid was made by TBC. To perform a sort, click on the top header row. Once a sort starts, the color of the column will turn to yellow/gold and the other header rows will disappear as will any group heading. The data will sort alphabetically or numerically. Some numeric sorts will require a double click to get the correct ordering that you want. Numbers, by default, will sort descending but there are some exceptions hard-coded into the programming. Multiple-column sorting is not possible. However, if you want to sort with a secondary column, you can sort by that column first and then sort by another column. For example, if you want to sort a player's Team Name but want the years to be in order, you can click on the YEAR first to make sure its sorted ascending and then click the Team Name. Within each team, the years will remain sorted ascending.

There may be some issues with sorting for columns with missing data. Let us know if you come across an issue and we'll try to fix.

Most person columns will sort by last name but some will sort by first name.
Also note that sorting can take a few seconds for larger grids.

CSV Export:

All data grids (excluding Letter or Year displays) include a "CSV" button at the top that will tranform all data in the grid into a CSV file. A CSV file (Comma Separated Values) is useful for importing into Excel, Access or smply dumping into a text file. Note that within the CSV export, columns with commas already included in the output (like Places), will have double quotes surrounding the value. The colum header and any totals row will also be exported.

Inline Filters:

There are some grids that allow for filtering without reloading the page. You will see checkboxes at the top of a grid that supports this feature. An example would be a team roster with a 1st Round Draft Picks or Recently Active checkbox. Click the box and the content below will be filtered to be a subset based on the filters selected. You can apply multiple filters to the page. Recently Active + First Round Picks will show players meeting both criteria. Note that the totals row will not update the totals number. There are more than 2 dozen filters available on different types of grids.

A second type of filter is the Search Box filter which allows you to type some text, usually a player's name, to filter on a large grid to display only records with this string in the keyword. The grid will start showing data as you type and might be slow for large grids. Hopefully over time we will improve speed.


There is no doubt you will be surfing throught the data on the site and you will come across mistakes in the data, whether biographical or statistical. Sometimes you may find duplicates or 2 players merged together under the same profile. I encourage you to send me the corrections, otherwise I will likely never find them. This is a beach full of grains of sands and unless I step on a bad piece of sand (a bad piece of sand???) I won't notice. I run some quality scripts against the data periodically to identify issues but this will only catch the outliers. Anyways, use the Contact Form if you want to let me know of an error. And again, please understand I'm one person running this site and we are not an official source of baseball data. Be nice :-)