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Search injury history since May of 2012 based on keywords.  
A current listing of players on disabled lists throughout Major League and Minor League baseball. Minor league Disabled List information is less likely to become available but we have included where possible. The list is of little use during the off-season.

Include Minor League Injuries
Arizona DiamondbacksPosStatusAgeDate on DLNotes
Patrick CorbinSP ARI (DL-60)24.3584/4/2014Transferred to 60-day DL - (DL-15 Left elbow surgery)
Matt ReynoldsRP ARI (DL-60)29.2836/1/2014Transferred to 60-day DL - (DL-15 Recovery from left elbow surgery)
Eric Chavez3B ARI (DL-60)36.2176/29/2014Transferred to 60-day DL - (DL-15 Sprained left knee)
Bronson ArroyoSP ARI (DL-15)   40m37.1386/16/2014DL-15 Right elbow tendinitis
David HernandezRP ARI (DL-60)29.0604/14/2014Transferred to 60-day DL - (DL-15 Torn UCL in right elbow)
Jordan Pachecoc-1B ARI (DL-15)   40m28.1636/25/2014DL-15 Right shoulder tendinitis
A.J. Pollockcf ARI (DL-15)   40m26.2206/1/2014DL-15 Broken hand
Daniel HudsonP ARI (DL-60)27.1256/19/2014Transferred to 60-day DL - (DL-15 Recovery from right elbow surgery)
Cliff Penningtonss ARI (DL-15)   40m30.0276/3/2014DL-15 Sprained ligament, left thumb
Chris OwingsSS ARI (DL-15)   40m22.3356/29/2014DL-15 Left shoulder strain
Atlanta BravesPosStatusAgeDate on DLNotes
Evan Gattislf ATL (DL-15)   40m27.3287/1/2014DL-15 Bulging thoracic disc
Cory GearrinRP ATL (DL-60)28.0894/2/2014Transferred to 60-day DL - (DL-15 Right elbow sprain)
Brandon BeachySP ATL (DL-60)27.3123/30/2014Transferred to 60-day DL - (DL-15 Right elbow surgery)
Gavin FloydSP ATL (DL-15)   40m31.1666/20/2014DL-15 Fractured right elbow
Kris MedlenSP ATL (DL-60)28.2783/27/2014Transferred to 60-day DL - (DL-15 Right elbow surgery)
Jonny VentersRP ATL (DL-60)29.1143/30/2014Transferred to 60-day DL - (DL-15 Recovery from left elbow surgery)
Baltimore OriolesPosStatusAgeDate on DLNotes
Johan SantanaP BAL (DL-60)35.1216/9/2014Transferred to 60-day DL - (DL-15 Recovery from left shoulder surgery)
Matt Wietersc BAL (DL-15)   40m28.0525/11/2014DL-15 Right elbow strain
Ubaldo JimenezSP BAL (DL-15)   40m30.1727/11/2014DL-15 Sprained right ankle
Boston Red SoxPosStatusAgeDate on DLNotes
Ryan LavarnwayC BOS (DL-60)26.3406/5/2014Transferred to 60-day DL - (DL-15 Strained left wrist)
Shane Victorinorf BOS (DL-15)   Rehab   40m33.2246/25/2014Recalled from minor league rehab assignment - (DL-15 Strained right hamstring)
Chicago CubsPosStatusAgeDate on DLNotes
James McDonaldp CHC (DL-60)29.2663/31/2014DL-60 Right shoulder inflammation
Emilio Bonifacio2b CHC (DL-15)   40m29.0806/13/2014DL-15 Right ribcage strain
Kyuji FujikawaRP CHC (DL-60)   Rehab33.3567/6/2014Assigned to AZL Cubs (Rk) for rehab - (DL-15 Recovery from right elbow surgery)
Chicago White SoxPosStatusAgeDate on DLNotes
Avisail Garciarf CHW (DL-60)23.0304/27/2014Transferred to 60-day DL - (DL-15 Left shoulder surger)
Felipe PaulinoP CHW (DL-15)   Rehab   40m30.2815/12/2014Assigned to Charlotte (AAA) for rehab - (DL-15 Right rotator cuff inflammation)
Matt LindstromRP CHW (DL-15)   40m34.1525/20/2014DL-15 Peroneal tendon subluxation, left ankle
Nathan JonesRP CHW (DL-60)28.1655/3/2014Transferred to 60-day DL - (DL-15 Strained left hip)
Cincinnati RedsPosStatusAgeDate on DLNotes
Skip Schumakerrf CIN (DL-7)   40m34.1607/11/2014DL-7 Concussion
Trevor BellP CIN (DL-60)27.2736/20/2014Transferred to 60-day DL - (DL-15 Right elbow inflammation)
Jack Hannahan3b CIN (DL-60)34.1303/31/2014DL-60 Recovery from shoulder surgery
Sean MarshallRP CIN (DL-60)31.3166/20/2014Transferred to 60-day DL - (DL-15 Left shoulder strain)
Joey Votto1b CIN (DL-15)   40m30.3067/8/2014DL-15 Strained left quadriceps
Brandon Phillips2b CIN (DL-15)   40m33.0147/11/2014DL-15 Left thumb surger
Cleveland IndiansPosStatusAgeDate on DLNotes
Nyjer MorganCF CLE (DL-60)34.0105/22/2014Transferred to 60-day DL - (DL-15 Sprained right knee)
Carlos Santanadh-c CLE (DL-7)28.0956/6/2014DL-7 Concussion-like symptoms
Michael Bourncf CLE (DL-15)   40m31.1977/6/2014DL-15 Strained left hamstring
Jason Giambidh CLE (DL-15)   40m43.1856/12/2014DL-15 Left knee inflammation
Justin MastersonSP CLE (DL-15)   40m29.1127/8/2014DL-15 Right knee inflammation
Colorado RockiesPosStatusAgeDate on DLNotes
Jordan LylesRP COL (DL-15)   40m23.2666/5/2014DL-15 Fractured left hand
Eddie ButlerP COL (DL-15)   40m23.1216/9/2014DL-15 Right rotator cuff inflammation
Jhoulys ChacinSP COL (DL-60)26.1877/4/2014Transferred to 60-day DL - (DL-15 Right shoulder inflammation)
Nick MassetP COL (DL-15)   40m32.0567/6/2014DL-15 Strained left knee
Christian BergmanP COL (DL-60)26.0696/26/2014DL-60 Fractured left thumb
Brett AndersonRP COL (DL-60)26.1624/25/2014Transferred to 60-day DL - (DL-15 Broken left index finge)
Tyler ChatwoodSP COL (DL-60)24.2085/5/2014Transferred to 60-day DL - (DL-15 Right elbow tightness)
Michael Cuddyerrf COL (DL-60)35.1076/21/2014Transferred to 60-day DL - (DL-15 Strained left shoulder)
Detroit TigersPosStatusAgeDate on DLNotes
Joel HanrahanRP DET (DL-15)   40m32.2795/3/2014DL-15 Recovery from right elbow surgery
Luke PutkonenRP DET (DL-60)28.0636/22/2014Transferred to 60-day DL - (DL-15 Right elbow inflammation)
Bruce RondonRP DET (DL-60)23.2153/30/2014DL-60 Right elbow surgery
Patrick McCoyP DET (DL-15)   40m25.3437/6/2014DL-15 Strained right hamstring
Jose Iglesiasss DET (DL-60)26.2883/30/2014DL-60 Bilateral tibial stress fractures
Houston AstrosPosStatusAgeDate on DLNotes
Alex PresleyCF HOU (DL-15)   40m28.3527/8/2014DL-15 Strained right oblique
Dexter Fowlercf HOU (DL-15)   40m28.1127/1/2014DL-15 Right intercostal strain
Jose CisneroRP HOU (DL-60)25.0926/21/2014Transferred to 60-day DL - (DL-15 Right elbow discomfort)
Matt AlbersRP HOU (DL-15)   40m31.1734/25/2014DL-15 Right shoulder tendinitis
Jesse CrainRP HOU (DL-60)33.0075/2/2014Transferred to 60-day DL - (DL-15 Recovery from right biceps surgery)
Kansas City RoyalsPosStatusAgeDate on DLNotes
Luke HochevarRP KC (DL-60)30.3016/2/2014Transferred to 60-day DL - (DL-15 Left elbow surgery)
Jason VargasSP KC (DL-15)   40m31.1607/10/2014DL-15 Appendectomy
Los Angeles AngelsPosStatusAgeDate on DLNotes
C.J. WilsonSP LAA (DL-15)   40m33.2367/10/2014DL-15 Sprained right ankle
Sean BurnettRP LAA (DL-60)31.2986/3/2014Transferred to 60-day DL - (DL-15 Left elbow)
Brian MoranP LAA (DL-60)25.2854/13/2014Transferred to 60-day DL - (DL-15 Left elbow inflammation)
Ryan BrasierRP LAA (DL-60)26.3214/16/2014Transferred to 60-day DL - (DL-15 Right elbow strain)
Los Angeles DodgersPosStatusAgeDate on DLNotes
Chone Figgins3B LAD (DL-15)   40m36.1716/14/2014DL-15 Left quad strain
Josh BeckettSP LAD (DL-15)   40m34.0587/8/2014DL-15 Left hip impingement
Ross StriplingP LAD (DL-7)24.2313/5/2014DL-7 Recovering from Tommy John Surgery
Onelki GarciaP LAD (DL-60)24.3443/16/2014DL-60 Recovery from left elbow surgery
Justin Turnerss-3b LAD (DL-15)   40m29.2316/29/2014DL-15 Left hamstring strain
Chris WithrowRP LAD (DL-60)25.1026/6/2014Transferred to 60-day DL - (DL-15 Undisclosed injury)
Miami MarlinsPosStatusAgeDate on DLNotes
Carter CappsRP MIA (DL-60)23.3396/4/2014Transferred to 60-day DL - (DL-15 Right elbow sprain)
Rafael FurcalSS MIA (DL-15)   40m36.3226/22/2014DL-15 Strained left hamstring
A.J. RamosRP MIA (DL-15)   40m27.2957/2/2014DL-15 Right shoulder inflammation
Derek Dietrich2b MIA (DL-15)   40m24.3597/4/2014DL-15 Strained right wrist
Milwaukee BrewersPosStatusAgeDate on DLNotes
Wei-Chung WangP MIL (DL-15)   40m22.0787/11/2014DL-15 Left shoulder tightness
Tyler ThornburgRP MIL (DL-15)   40m25.2866/8/2014DL-15 Right elbow soreness
Minnesota TwinsPosStatusAgeDate on DLNotes
Danny SantanaSS MIN (DL-15)   40m23.2476/27/2014DL-15 Bone bruise in left knee
Joe Mauer1b-dh MIN (DL-15)   40m31.0847/2/2014DL-15 Right oblique strain
Mike PelfreySP MIN (DL-60)30.1806/19/2014Transferred to 60-day DL - (DL-15 Strained left groin)
Ricky NolascoSP MIN (DL-15)   40m31.2117/8/2014DL-15 Right elbow strain
New York MetsPosStatusAgeDate on DLNotes
Matt HarveySP NYM (DL-60)25.1073/31/2014DL-60 Recovery from right elbow surgery
Jon NieseSP NYM (DL-15)   40m27.2587/6/2014DL-15 Strained left shoulder
Taylor Teagardenc NYM (DL-15)   40m30.2046/24/2014DL-15 Strained left hamstring
Bobby ParnellRP NYM (DL-60)29.3075/14/2014Transferred to 60-day DL - (DL-15 Torn MCL, right elbow)
Chris Youngcf NYM (DL-15)   40m30.3114/18/2014DL-15 Right quad strain
New York YankeesPosStatusAgeDate on DLNotes
Michael PinedaP NYY (DL-60)25.1756/3/2014Transferred to 60-day DL - (DL-15 Muscle strain, right shoulder)
Masahiro TanakaP NYY (DL-15)   40m25.2537/9/2014DL-15 Right elbow inflammation
Carlos Beltranrf NYY (DL-7)   40m37.0797/10/2014DL-7 Concussion
Ivan NovaSP NYY (DL-60)27.1814/24/2014Transferred to 60-day DL - (DL-15 Torn UCL, right elbow requiring Tommy John surgery)
Oakland AthleticsPosStatusAgeDate on DLNotes
A.J. GriffinSP OAK (DL-60)26.1665/4/2014Transferred to 60-day DL - (DL-15 Flexor muscle strain, right elbow)
Josh Reddickrf OAK (DL-15)   40m27.1436/29/2014DL-15 Strained right knee
Drew PomeranzSP OAK (DL-15)   40m25.2326/17/2014DL-15 Fractured right hand
Jarrod ParkerSP OAK (DL-60)25.2303/21/2014DL-60 Recovery from right elbow surgery
Kyle Blanks1B OAK (DL-15)   40m27.3046/24/2014DL-15 Strained left calf
Philadelphia PhilliesPosStatusAgeDate on DLNotes
Cliff LeeSP PHI (DL-60)35.3167/11/2014Transferred to 60-day DL - (DL-15 Strained left elbow)
Carlos Ruizc PHI (DL-7)34.1726/27/2014DL-7 Concussion-like symptoms
Mike AdamsRP PHI (DL-60)35.3487/2/2014Transferred to 60-day DL - (DL-15 Right rotator cuff inflammation)
Reid Brignacss PHI (DL-15)   40m28.1776/20/2014DL-15 Sprained left ankle
Pittsburgh PiratesPosStatusAgeDate on DLNotes
Chris Stewartc PIT (DL-15)   40m32.1434/19/2014DL-15 Right knee surger
Francisco LirianoSP PIT (DL-15)   40m30.2606/11/2014DL-15 Strained left oblique
Gerrit ColeSP PIT (DL-15)   40m23.3077/9/2014DL-15 Right lat soreness
Clint Barmesss PIT (DL-15)   40m35.1287/6/2014DL-15 Left groin strain
San Diego PadresPosStatusAgeDate on DLNotes
Andrew CashnerSP SD (DL-15)   40m27.3046/23/2014DL-15 Right shoulder soreness
Everth Cabrerass SD (DL-15)   40m27.2377/2/2014DL-15 Strained left hamstring
Troy PattonRP SD (DL-60)28.3127/2/2014Transferred to 60-day DL - (DL-15 Left shoulder soreness)
Yonder Alonso1b SD (DL-15)   40m27.0956/19/2014DL-15 Right wrist tendinitis
Joe WielandP SD (DL-60)24.1724/2/2014Transferred to 60-day DL - (DL-15 Recovery from right elbow surgery)
Nick VincentRP SD (DL-15)   40m28.0006/15/2014DL-15 Right shoulder fatigue
Cory LuebkeP SD (DL-60)29.1303/9/2014DL-60 Left elbow surgery
Jedd Gyorko2b SD (DL-15)   40m25.2926/6/2014DL-15 Plantar fasciitis, left foot
Robbie ErlinSP SD (DL-60)23.2776/26/2014Transferred to 60-day DL - (DL-15 Left elbow soreness)
Josh JohnsonSP SD (DL-60)30.1634/25/2014Transferred to 60-day DL - (DL-15 Strained flexor, right forearm)
Casey KellySP SD (DL-60)24.2816/23/2014Transferred to 60-day DL - (DL-15 Recovery from right elbow surgery)
San Francisco GiantsPosStatusAgeDate on DLNotes
Angel PaganCF SF (DL-15)   40m33.0106/25/2014DL-15 Back strain
Jeremy AffeldtRP SF (DL-15)   40m35.0374/16/2014DL-15 Strained ligament, right knee
Seattle MarinersPosStatusAgeDate on DLNotes
James PaxtonP SEA (DL-60)25.2486/9/2014Transferred to 60-day DL - (DL-15 Left lat strain)
Michael SaundersLF-cf SEA (DL-15)   40m27.2357/11/2014DL-15 Strained left oblique
Blake BeavanRP SEA (DL-60)25.1765/30/2014Transferred to 60-day DL - (DL-15 Right shoulder tightness)
St. Louis CardinalsPosStatusAgeDate on DLNotes
Michael WachaRP STL (DL-15)   40m23.0116/23/2014DL-15 Stress reaction, right shoulder
Kevin SiegristRP STL (DL-15)   40m24.3575/24/2014DL-15 Strained left forearm
Jaime GarciaSP STL (DL-60)28.0047/11/2014Transferred to 60-day DL - (DL-15 Left shoulder inflammation)
Yadier Molinac STL (DL-15)   40m31.3647/10/2014DL-15 Torn ligament, right thumb
Tampa Bay RaysPosStatusAgeDate on DLNotes
Tim BeckhamSS-2B TB (DL-60)24.1666/1/2014Transferred to 60-day DL - (DL-15 Recovery from right knee surgery)
Matt MooreSP TB (DL-60)25.0245/27/2014Transferred to 60-day DL - (DL-15 Left elbow discomfort)
Wil Myersrf TB (DL-15)   40m23.2146/1/2014DL-15 Sprained right wrist
David DeJesuslf TB (DL-15)   40m34.2056/19/2014DL-15 Left hand fracture
Jerry SandsLF-1B TB (DL-15)   40m26.2886/24/2014DL-15 Strained left wris
Texas RangersPosStatusAgeDate on DLNotes
Tanner ScheppersRP TEX (DL-15)   40m27.1766/11/2014DL-15 Right elbow inflammation
Mitch Moreland1b TEX (DL-15)   40m28.3096/10/2014DL-15 Os Trigonum Syndrome, left ankle
Derek HollandSP TEX (DL-60)27.2763/4/2014DL-60 Recovery from left knee surgery
Joseph OrtizRP TEX (DL-60)23.3332/15/2014DL-60 Fractured left foot
Matt HarrisonSP TEX (DL-60)28.3306/10/2014Transferred to 60-day DL - (DL-15 Lower back inflammation)
Martin PerezSP TEX (DL-60)23.0995/20/2014Transferred to 60-day DL - (DL-15 Left elbow inflammation)
Nick MartinezP TEX (DL-15)   40m23.3417/8/2014DL-15 Left side discomfort
Jurickson Profarss-dh TEX (DL-60)21.1424/12/2014Transferred to 60-day DL - (DL-15 Torn right shoulder muscle)
Prince Fielder1b TEX (DL-60)30.0646/20/2014Transferred to 60-day DL - (DL-15 Neck surgery)
Yu DarvishSP TEX (DL-15)   40m27.3304/6/2014DL-15 Neck stiffness
Kevin Kouzmanoff3B TEX (DL-15)   40m32.3524/25/2014DL-15 Herniated disc
Pedro FigueroaRP TEX (DL-60)28.2315/7/2014Transferred to 60-day DL - (DL-15 Left elbow inflammation)
Alexi OgandoSP TEX (DL-15)   40m30.2816/4/2014DL-15 Right elbow inflammation
Toronto Blue JaysPosStatusAgeDate on DLNotes
Maicer Izturisss-2b TOR (DL-60)33.3034/19/2014Transferred to 60-day DL - (DL-15 Left knee surger)
Adam Lind1b-dh TOR (DL-15)   40m30.3617/11/2014DL-15 Fractured right foo
Brett Lawrie3b TOR (DL-15)   40m24.1756/23/2014DL-15 Fractured right index finger
Edwin Encarnaciondh-1b TOR (DL-15)   40m31.1867/7/2014DL-15 Strained right quadriceps
Brandon MorrowSP TOR (DL-60)29.3515/4/2014DL-60 Torn tendon sheath in right hand
Cole Gillespierf TOR (DL-15)   40m30.0227/9/2014DL-15 Strained oblique
Washington NationalsPosStatusAgeDate on DLNotes
Erik DavisRP WAN (DL-60)27.2772/13/2014DL-60 Sprained right elbow

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