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The following players have not played professional baseball but have record of playing college baseball for a Division I team in the last few years. TBC has been tracking college statistics for Division I since 2002 though some teams may have stats for earlier years.
Player Name          Play Years  School                         
Dusty Maas           2012-2012   Kansas State University        
Jeremy Maas          2008-2011   University of Pennsylvania     
Karl Maas            2007-2011   University of Hawaii-Hilo      
Taylor Mabra         2010-2010   University of Texas-Arlington  
Brett Mabry          2010-2014   East Carolina University       
Nick Macaione        2012-2014   Lehigh University              
Grant Macalmon       2002-2002   Oral Roberts University        
Dom Macaluso         2009-2012   Saint Peter's College          
Eddie Macaluso       2011-2013   Iona College                   
Paul Macaluso        2001-2003   Long Beach State University    
Zac Macaneney        2011-2014   Virginia Tech                  
Marshall MacDonal    2008-2008   University of Dayton           
Andrew Macdonald     2011-2013   Elon University                
Andrew MacDonald     2005-2008   Niagara University             
Brian MacDonald      2006-2006   University of Maine            
Brian Macdonald      2014-2014   Hofstra University             
Daniel MacDonald     2007-2007   University of South Alabama    
Dave MacDonald       2002-2004   Illinois State University      
Jim MacDonald        2006-2009   University of Massachusetts    
Josh MacDonald       2002-2006   University of Connecticut      
Kevin MacDonald      2007-2010   University of Hawaii           
Marshall MacDonald   2009-2009   University of Dayton           
Michael MacDonald    1975-1975   Columbia State Community College 
Nate MacDonald       2005-2007   Gardner-Webb University        
Ryan Macdonald       2012-2014   Fairleigh Dickinson University 
Matt MacDougal       2005-2006   James Madison University       
Matt MacDowell       2012-2014   Dartmouth College              
Kyle Mace            2014-2014   Delaware State University      
Ryan Mace            2009-2012   Kent State University          
Ryley MacEachern     2014-2014   Stony Brook University         
Chris Macek          2009-2012   University of Northern Iowa    
Ian MacGeorge        2009-2012   Florida Atlantic University    
Mike MacGillivray    2010-2010   Loyola Marymount University    
Conner Mach          2009-2012   University of Missouri         
Matt Mach            2006-2008   Saint Louis University         
Daniel Macha         2004-2005   University of Texas-Arlington  
Chris Machado        2007-2007   Elon University                
Chris Machado        2011-2012   Indiana State University       
Felix Machado        2007-2009   Bethune-Cookman University     
Mike Machado         2005-2006   St. Mary's College of California 
Robert Machado       2009-2011   University of Massachusetts    
Ron Machado          2004-2006   Sacramento State               
Brad Machaffie       2011-2012   Elon University                
Aaron Machbitz       2011-2014   South Dakota State University  
Vimael Machin        2012-2014   Virginia Commonwealth University 
Mark Machtolf        1984-1987   Stanford University            
Daniel Macias        2004-2007   Loyola Marymount University    
Joe Maciej           2005-2008   University of Minnesota        
Stuart MacInnes      2010-2011   University of Texas-Pan American 
Cedric Mack          1981-1982   Baylor University              
Cory Mack            2011-2012   Seattle University             
Dwight Mack          2013-2013   North Dakota State University  
Floyd Mack           1999-1999   Georgia State University       
J.P. Mack            2006-2010   Fordham University             
Jeremy Mack          2000-2003   Lehigh University              
Joe Mack             2007-2010   Ball State University          
Kelby Mack           2003-2006   University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee 
Lorenzo Mack         2003-2003   Rend Lake College              
M Mack               2002-2002   Jackson State University       
Marcus Mack          2004-2007   North Carolina A&T State University 
Matt Mack            2009-2012   Radford University             
Quinnton Mack        2012-2013   New Mexico State University    
Sterling Mack        2007-2010   Indiana University             
Tyson Mackay         2008-2008   University of Utah             
Chris Macke          2005-2008   Ohio State University          
Pete Macke           2013-2013   University of Pittsburgh       
Owen Mackedon        2006-2008   University of Nevada           
Mitchell MacKeith    2013-2014   Radford University             
Alex MacKenzie       2006-2009   Canisius College               
Pat Mackenzie        2012-2014   Central Michigan University    
Justin Mackert       2009-2012   The Citadel                    
A.J. Mackey          2011-2014   University of South Carolina-Upstate 
Chris Mackey         2003-2006   Harvard University             
Chris Mackey         2005-2007   Missouri State University      
Danny Mackey         2001-2004   Wake Forest University         
J.T. Mackey          2005-2009   University of Texas-San Antonio 
Joe Mackey           2012-2012   North Carolina A&T State University 
Pat Mackey           1988-1988   Central Arizona College        
Sebron Mackey        2014-2014   Jackson State University       
 Mackie              2005-2005   University of Texas-Pan American 
David MacKinnon      2014-2014   University of Hartford         
Evan Mackintosh      2013-2014   University of Massachusetts    
Tom Mackor           2002-2005   Boston College                 
Tommy Mackoul        2009-2010   University of California-Riverside 
Kevin Maclachlan     2010-2013   Villanova University           
Andrew MacLatchie    2013-2014   Furman University              
Luke MacLean         2003-2006   University of Minnesota        
Marc Macmillan       1994-1996   University of Mississippi      
Rex MacMillan        2014-2014   New Jersey Institute of Technology 
Brian MacMurray      2001-2004   New York Institute of Technology 
Ryan MacNamara       2010-2010   University of Southern Mississippi 
Andrew MacNevin      2003-2006   Niagara University             
Mason Macnoll        2009-2009   Texas Tech University          
Jake MacWilliam      2014-2014   Sam Houston State University   
Jim MacWilliam       2012-2013   University of Hawaii           
Josh Macy            2005-2005   Indiana State University       
Chris Maczko         1998-2002   University of Akron            
Houston Mad          2004-2004   Chicago State University       
Chris Madar          1991-1992   Rollins College                
Andrew Madden        2013-2014   University of North Carolina-Asheville 
Charlie Madden       2014-2014   Mercer University              
Corben Madden        2010-2013   Florida State University       
Kevin Madden         2006-2009   Santa Clara University         
Zack Madden          2014-2014   University of South Carolina   
Zane Madden          2010-2010   Lafayette College              
Adam Maddox          2009-2012   Missouri State University      
Andrew Maddox        2005-2008   University of South Carolina-Upstate 
Brandon Maddox       2010-2011   University of Arkansas-Pine Bluff 
Clay Maddox          2007-2008   Marshall University            
Jarrad Maddox        2002-2002   University of Texas-Pan American 
Keenen Maddox        2010-2013   Missouri State University      
Nate Maddox          2005-2005   Liberty University             
Xander Maddox        2014-2014   University of Richmond         
Gordon Madej         2012-2013   University at Albany           
Chris Madera         2013-2013   Northwest Florida State College 
Drew Madia           2006-2010   Purdue University              
Pat Madigan          2014-2014   Northeastern University        
Sean Madigan         2007-2011   University of California-Irvine 
Aaron Madill         2006-2007   Western Illinois University    
Brad Madison         2006-2006   United States Air Force Academy 
Cody Madison         2009-2010   Cal State San Bernardino       
Jim Madison          2002-2005   Northeastern University        
Kevin Madison        2008-2009   Saint Peter's College          
Matt Madison         2004-2005   Furman University              
Matt Madrid          2007-2008   Cleveland State University     
Drew Madrigal        2008-2011   Mt. San Jacinto College        
Bryan Madril         2005-2006   Troy University                
Dusty Madsen         1991-1991   Sacramento City College        
Greg Madsen          2008-2008   Southern Utah University       
Jake Madsen          2012-2014   Ohio University                
Josh Madsen          2003-2005   University of Utah             
Mark Madsen          1998-2000   Loyola Marymount University    
Robert Madsen        2006-2006   McLennan Community College     
Christian Madson     2003-2005   University of Florida          
Michael Madson       2002-2005   Dartmouth College              
Jon Maduro           2005-2005   Le Moyne College               
Michael Maehl        2008-2008   San Jose State University      
Michael Maerten      1993-1993   St. John's University          
Cody Maerz           2013-2014   Murray State University        
David Maes           2002-2002   University of Northern Colorado 
Jason Maes           2003-2007   American River College         
Carlos Maese         2009-2009   Northwestern State University  
J.P. Maestas         2010-2013   Cal State Bakersfield          
Travis Maezes        2013-2014   University of Michigan         
Alex Maffett         2009-2012   University of Richmond         
Mike Maffucci        2006-2007   Wagner College                 
John Magaletti       2001-2003   Brown University               
Eddie Magallon       2010-2013   Long Beach State University    
Brandon Magallones   2012-2014   Northwestern University        
Schafer Magana       2002-2005   University of Hawaii           
Kevin Magaw          2003-2003   University of Maryland-Baltimore County 
Charles Magedanz     2003-2006   North Dakota State University  
Brandon Magee        2009-2011   Arizona State University       
Brien Magee          2002-2005   Quinnipiac University          
Corey Magee          2004-2004   Grambling State University     
Joshua Magee         2014-2014   Alabama State University       
Ryan Magee           2005-2008   Sacramento State               
Sean Magee           2001-2002   Bucknell University            
Mark Mager           1999-2002   Harvard University             
Brett Maggard        2012-2014   Florida Atlantic University    
Jacob Maggard        2007-2008   Arkansas State University      
Chris Maggi          2000-2002   Elon University                
Joseph Maggi         2012-2014   University of Arizona          
Austen Maggin        2014-2014   Lafayette College              
Nathaniel Maggio     2014-2014   -                              
Zach Maggio          2010-2014   Arkansas State University      
Dan Maggior          2003-2003   University of San Francisco    
Brendan Maghini      2011-2014   Le Moyne College               
Ryan Maghini         2009-2012   Fordham University             
Peter Magistrale     2010-2010   Hofstra University             
Mason Magleby        2013-2013   University of Nevada           
Luke Maglich         2013-2014   University of South Florida    
Tyler Magliolo       2010-2011   University of Houston          
Jake Magner          2008-2011   University of North Dakota     
Daniel Magness       2006-2007   University of San Diego        
Jason Magnus         2000-2003   Columbia University            
Bobby Magnuson       2010-2011   New York Institute of Technology 
Kevin Magoon         2011-2012   Sacred Heart University        
Anthony Magovney     2012-2014   University at Buffalo          
Richard Magrath      2007-2007   Furman University              
Matt Maguire         1999-2002   University of Nevada           
Nick Maguire         2013-2014   Columbia University            
Pat Maguire          2004-2006   University of Connecticut      
Robbie Maguire       2011-2014   Sacred Heart University        
Ryan Maguire         2008-2011   Northeastern University        
Jamie Mah            2004-2004   Loyola Marymount University    
Drew Mahaffey        2008-2011   The Citadel                    
Kenny Mahala         2011-2013   Ball State University          
Kevin Mahala         2014-2014   George Washington University   
 Mahan               2004-2004   Brown University               
Drew Mahan           2005-2008   Michigan State University      
Jacob Mahan          2012-2013   University of Arkansas         
Will Mahan           2001-2003   Navy                           
Ben Mahar            2012-2014   Valparaiso University          
Sam Mahar            2012-2014   University of Kentucky         
Shannon Maheia       2008-2008   Grambling State University     
Brian Maher          2014-2014   La Salle University            
Bryce Maher          2014-2014   University of Massachusetts    
Chris Maher          2002-2002   Pensacola State College        
Jeff Maher           2003-2006   Northeastern University        
Joel Maher           2003-2006   University of Maryland-Eastern Shore 
Matt Maher           2006-2009   Fairleigh Dickinson University 
Eric Mahler          2008-2009   Illinois State University      
James Mahler         2008-2010   University of Arkansas         
Kevin Mahler         2010-2010   University of Missouri         
Leif Mahler          2004-2008   University of Michigan         
Steve Mahler         2010-2011   Cleveland State University     
Bobby Mahon          2005-2006   Western Illinois University    
Jake Mahon           2011-2014   University of Evansville       
Justin Mahon         2002-2005   University of Central Florida  
Mike Mahon           2005-2005   Coppin State College           
Nick Mahon           2006-2007   Wright State University        
Brandon Mahoney      2002-2002   Pacific                        
Chris Mahoney        2002-2003   Siena College                  
Cullen Mahoney       2010-2013   University of Nevada           
David Mahoney        2012-2014   University of Connecticut      
Kolton Mahoney       2011-2014   Brigham Young University       
Matt Mahoney         2002-2002   University of New Mexico       
Ryan Mahoney         2009-2011   Le Moyne College               
Ryan Mahoney         2014-2014   Fordham University             
Ryan Mahoney         2003-2007   University of South Carolina   
Spencer Mahoney      2012-2014   Valparaiso University          
Taylor Mahoney       2011-2014   Saint Joseph's University      
Chris Mahony         2001-2004   Bucknell University            
Druen Mahony         1998-1999   Carson-Newman College          
Jason Mahood         2010-2013   University of San Francisco    
Graham Maiden        2004-2007   Charleston Southern University 
Jason Maiella        2003-2007   Sacred Heart University        
Bill Maier           2014-2014   Iona College                   
Chris Maier          2007-2010   Stony Brook University         
Dan Maier            2006-2009   Jacksonville University        
Lenny Maier          2002-2004   Troy University                
Matt Maier           2013-2013   New York Institute of Technology 
Vincent Maietta      2013-2014   Saint Peter's College          
Ryne Mailen          2006-2009   Delaware State University      
Brent Main           1981-1981   College of the Sequoias        
Ty Main              2008-2009   Florida International University 
Kevin Mainer         2004-2004   Sam Houston State University   
Jeffrey Mainetti     2004-2007   Quinnipiac University          
Nick Mainieri        2004-2005   University of Notre Dame       
Blake Mainor         2009-2009   Mercer University              
Michael Mainor       1999-2002   The Citadel                    
Steve Maiolo         2003-2006   Duquesne University            
Anthony Maisano      1986-1990   Georgia Tech                   
Thomas Maisano       2002-2002   Fairfield University           
Tom Maisano          2003-2004   Fairfield University           
Jeff Maitland        2002-2006   University of Iowa             
Tim Maitland         2009-2012   University of Texas            
Bobby Majer          2003-2006   Bowling Green State University 
David Majeski        1989-1992   University of Florida          
Paul Majestic        2004-2006   Wright State University        
Jason Major          2003-2006   Virginia Military Institute    
Joe Major            2010-2013   Murray State University        
Matt Major           2007-2010   University of Evansville       
Tommie Major         2003-2005   University of South Alabama    
Andrew Maki          2000-2000   Grand Valley State University  
Dylan Maki           2010-2013   Northeastern University        
Erik Maki            2013-2014   Western Illinois University    
Ryan Makis           2009-2012   Princeton University           
Jordan Makovicka     2011-2013   Creighton University           
Mark Maksimow        2013-2014   George Mason University        
Marcus Makuch        2011-2013   Miami University               
Zach Malach          2013-2014   Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville 
Tom Malafronte       2002-2005   Rutgers University             
Kyle Malan           2004-2005   Western Illinois University    
Robert Malan         2011-2013   Virginia Commonwealth University 
Jeff Maland          2002-2002   University of Arkansas         
Dan Malandruccolo    2007-2007   Rutgers University             
Phillip Malatesta    2011-2011   Arkansas State University      
John Malbon          2006-2010   Old Dominion University        
Will Malbon          2014-2014   Virginia Military Institute    
Christian Malbrough  2011-2012   Florida International University 
Dustin Malbrough     2001-2003   Nicholls State University      
John Malcolm         2013-2014   US Military Academy            
Cory Malcom          2014-2014   University of Arkansas-Little Rock 
Russell Malcom       2003-2006   University of Arkansas-Pine Bluff 
Alex Maldonado       2005-2008   Centenary College              
Cameron Maldonado    2009-2012   Wichita State University       
Jesse Maldonado      2006-2009   Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi 
Kyle Maldonado       2009-2010   University of New Orleans      
Luke Maldonado       2013-2014   Winthrop University            
Pedro Maldonado      2014-2014   Prairie View A&M University    
Ryan Maldonado       2011-2011   Centenary College              
Trey Maldonado       2006-2008   Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi 
Chris Malec          2005-2006   Michigan State University      
Jason Malefakis      2008-2008   University of Michigan         
Bryan Maler          2003-2006   University of Connecticut      
John Maler           2009-2011   University of Arkansas-Little Rock 
Mike Maleski         2003-2004   Virginia Military Institute    
Jay Maletz           2013-2014   Coppin State College           
Matt Malewitz        2009-2012   Bowling Green State University 
Joe Maley            2004-2005   Georgia Southern University    
Matt Maley           2001-2004   University of Florida          
Mitch Maley          2001-2003   James Madison University       
Joseph Malfettano    2003-2006   Wagner College                 
Mike Malfettone      2005-2008   Columbia University            
Anthony Malgieri     2012-2012   Pacific                        
Brennan Malham       2010-2011   Southeast Missouri State University 
Ryan Malhotra        2011-2012   Chicago State University       
Josh Malin           2008-2011   Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville 
Greg Maliniak        2005-2008   College of William and Mary    
Jeff Malinoff        1973-1973   University of California-Irvine 
Peter Malinowski     2005-2007   Bradley University             
Steven Malinowski    2003-2006   Wake Forest University         
Alex Malinsky        2014-2014   Penn State University          
Jim Malisos          2003-2004   University of Vermont          
Chris Maliszewski    2001-2004   University of Iowa             
Chuck Malitz         1967-1967   Texas A&M University           
Mike Malland         2010-2010   Seattle University             
Vinny Mallaro        2014-2014   University at Buffalo          
Brandon Mallder      2013-2014   Northern Illinois University   
Charles Mallett      2007-2008   Alabama A&M University         
Jon Mallett          2003-2003   Kansas State University        
Adam Mallette        2003-2004   University of Louisville       
Drew Malley          2008-2008   University of South Florida    
Mike Malley          2003-2003   University of Detroit Mercy    
Mark Mallo           2000-2004   Northern Illinois University   
Andrew Mallon        2014-2014   Eastern Michigan University    
Chris Mallon         2013-2013   Cal State Bakersfield          
Tom Mallon           1980-1984   Clemson University             
Andrew Mallory       2006-2006   Dartmouth College              
Chris Mallory        2009-2012   Fresno State University        
Ryan Mallory         2009-2012   University of Richmond         
Matt Malloy          2010-2013   West Virginia University       
Tony Mallozzi        2002-2005   University of Connecticut      
Jon Malmin           2014-2014   University of Texas            
 Maloley             2003-2003   Liberty University             
Brett Maloley        2005-2006   University of North Florida    
Demetrus Malone      2011-2011   Mississippi Valley State University 
Devin Malone         2012-2013   University of Louisiana-Monroe 
Justin Malone        2009-2012   Georgia State University       
Kieran Malone        2004-2007   St. Bonaventure University     
Scott Malone         2005-2006   University of Utah             
Trey Malone          2010-2010   Kennesaw State University      
Tyler Malone         2005-2005   Indiana State University       
Zack Malone          2014-2014   University of Tennessee-Martin 
Alex Maloney         2014-2014   Ball State University          
Brian Maloney        2002-2004   University of Connecticut      
Eric Maloney         1991-1991   Creighton University           
J Maloney            2002-2002   University of Rhode Island     
Jim Maloney          1998-2002   University of Evansville       
John Maloney         2011-2014   High Point University          
John Maloney         2001-2003   University of Rhode Island     
Kevin Maloney        2003-2003   Delaware State University      
Pat Maloney          2000-2003   Kansas State University        
Ryne Malonzo         2005-2008   Chicago State University       
Tyler Maloof         2009-2012   University of Georgia          
Mike Malott          2001-2006   San Jose State University      
Brent Maloy          2009-2009   Troy University                
J Maloy              2009-2009   Southern University            
Jarrett Maloy        2007-2010   Southern University            
Chip Malt            2007-2010   Georgetown University          
Matt Maltese         2006-2006   Fairleigh Dickinson University 
Shay Maltese         2010-2014   University of Northern Colorado 
Cory Maltz           2009-2013   Weatherford College            
Luke Mamer           2012-2014   Wright State University        
Andrew Mamlic        2013-2014   University of Illinois         
Neil Mammele         2010-2012   Quinnipiac University          
Paul Mammino         2013-2014   Wagner College                 
Evan Manarino        2012-2014   University of California-Irvine 
Brandon Manasa       2003-2005   Florida State University       
Eric Mancini         2007-2007   University of Texas-Pan American 
Matt Mancini         2010-2013   Saint Peter's College          
Rob Mancini          2008-2008   University at Buffalo          
Ben Mancuso          2005-2008   Creighton University           
Jerry Mancuso        2009-2012   Saint Louis University         
Joe Mancuso          2012-2012   University of Nebraska-Omaha   
Joey Mancuso         2012-2014   Saint Louis University         
Mike Mancuso         2013-2014   University of Georgia          
Sal Mancuso          2002-2004   Fairfield University           
Josh Mandarino       1999-2002   Western Michigan University    
Dionte Mandeldove    2011-2013   Grambling State University     
Joe Mandele          2005-2006   Western Illinois University    
David Mandley        2001-2004   Santa Clara University         
Jason Mandryk        1999-2002   East Carolina University       
Cirilo Manego        2005-2008   Florida A&M University         
Clay Manering        2011-2014   Ball State University          
Mike Manetta         2005-2006   St. Francis College            
Tyler Manez          2013-2014   Elon University                
Jessel Mangal        2005-2007   Niagara University             
Kevin Mangels        2003-2005   St. Mary's College of California 
Dillon Mangham       2014-2014   Stephen F. Austin University   
Maveric Mangham      2006-2006   Alabama A&M University         
Daniel Mangiapani    2003-2005   Duke University                
Brett Mangigian      2006-2007   Longwood University            
Anthony Mangione     2004-2004   New York Institute of Technology 
Mark Mangione        1980-1980   University of Kentucky         
Ricky Mangione       2010-2013   Seton Hall University          
Jake Mangler         2012-2014   University of Iowa             
Bijan Mangouri       2010-2013   Binghamton University          
John Mangum          2013-2014   North Carolina State University 
Marcus Mangum        2013-2013   Mississippi Valley State University 
Parker Mangum        2004-2004   St. Mary's College of California 
Steve Maniago        2013-2014   Purdue University              
Brady Manifold       2004-2007   Belmont University             
Bill Manion          2007-2009   High Point University          
Joe Manion           2013-2014   Longwood University            
Jason Manis          2012-2013   University of Tennessee        
Josh Manis           2002-2003   Wright State University        
Max Manix            2010-2010   Gonzaga University             
Anthony Manley       2006-2009   Duquesne University            
Greg Manley          2006-2007   University of Louisiana-Monroe 
Adam Mann            2012-2012   Stephen F. Austin University   
Bradley Mann         2005-2006   Alabama State University       
Clint Mann           2006-2007   Sam Houston State University   
David Mann           2002-2004   University of Central Florida  
Gabe Mann            2003-2004   University of California-Santa Barbara 
Kevin Mann           2007-2010   Indiana State University       
Matt Mann            2001-2004   Tulane University              
Max Mann             2005-2008   Northwestern University        
Nathan Mann          2012-2014   Brown University               
Pervis Mann          2012-2012   Grambling State University     
Ryann Mann           2002-2002   Western Illinois University    
Andrew Mannello      2011-2011   University of Hartford         
Steve Mannenbach     2004-2004   Davidson College               
Frank Mannerino      1971-1971   Dartmouth College              
V Mannese            2002-2002   St. John's University          
Jeremy Mannin        2004-2004   Wenatchee Valley Community College 
Andrew Manning       2008-2011   University of Alabama-Birmingham 
Andrew Manning       2009-2011   Appalachian State University   
Brett Manning        2005-2008   Pacific                        
Chris Manning        2006-2008   Belmont University             
Chris Manning        2011-2014   Valparaiso University          
Collin Manning       2012-2014   College of the Holy Cross      
Erik Manning         2012-2012   Morehead State University      
Garrett Manning      2011-2011   University of New Orleans      
Jamie Manning        2008-2008   University of Alabama          
Joey Manning         2008-2009   Vanderbilt University          
John Manning         2001-2003   University of Hartford         
Josh Manning         2007-2008   Southeast Missouri State University 
Justin Manning       2012-2013   University of North Carolina at Wilmington 
Matt Manning         2006-2010   University of Central Florida  
Miles Manning        2013-2013   Sam Houston State University   
Wade Manning         1977-1977   Ohio State University          
Danny Mannion        2014-2014   Saint Louis University         
Jordan Mannisto      2011-2012   University of Houston          
Marvin Manns         2001-2002   University of Texas-Pan American 
Mike Manns           2004-2007   Eastern Illinois University    
Anthony Mannuccia    2010-2014   University of Hartford         
Gary Mannuzza        2003-2005   Fairleigh Dickinson University 
Daniel Manos         2006-2008   University of Kansas           
Deric Manrique       2006-2009   University of Northern Iowa    
Armando Manrrique    2012-2013   Grambling State University     
Daniel Manry         2003-2003   Nicholls State University      
Brian Mansfield      2004-2004   Coastal Carolina University    
Conald Mansfield     2010-2010   Centenary College              
Matt Mansfield       2006-2006   Coppin State College           
Nolan Mansfield      2010-2011   University of Kansas           
Quentin Mansfield    2014-2014   New Mexico State University    
Robby Mansfield      2012-2014   Pacific                        
Ryan Mansfield       2013-2013   Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville 
Tim Mansfield        2014-2014   High Point University          
Scott Manshack       2001-2004   University of North Carolina   
Chris Manship        2009-2012   University of Kansas           
Kevin Manson         2007-2010   University of Illinois         
Joe Mante            2003-2006   College of William and Mary    
Ryan Manthei         2004-2007   Valparaiso University          
Stephen Manthei      2010-2013   University of Arizona          
Matt Mantione        2003-2005   Radford University             
Milan Mantle         2011-2014   University of Rhode Island     
Justin Manton        2014-2014   University of Louisiana-Monroe 
Ryne Mantooth        2006-2009   University of Louisville       
James Mantzanis      2002-2005   University at Buffalo          
Peter Mantzanis      2006-2007   Middle Tennessee State University 
John Manuel          2001-2003   Purdue University              
Kaleb Manuel         2010-2013   Southeastern Louisiana University 
Trevor Manuel        2004-2004   Western Michigan University    
Dienston Manuela     2014-2014   Niagara University             
Tylien Manumaleuna   2007-2007   College of Southern Nevada     
Nic Manuppelli       2011-2014   Youngstown State University    
Zac Manuppelli       2014-2014   University of South Carolina-Upstate 
Tony Manville        2008-2012   University of Iowa             
Cody Manzella        2012-2014   High Point University          
Kash Manzelli        2011-2014   Navy                           
Mickey Manzo         2000-2003   San Jose State University      
Austin Mapes         2014-2014   The Citadel                    
Mark Mapes           1995-1996   University of South Carolina   
Steve Mapes          2002-2002   University of Vermont          
Bryan Maples         2001-2004   Bethune-Cookman University     
Michael Maples       2006-2008   University of North Carolina-Charlotte 
Luke Mara            2004-2005   Bucknell University            
Connor Marabell      2014-2014   Jacksonville University        
Chris Marando        2003-2003   Cornell University             
Matthew Maranges     2005-2008   Georgetown University          
Chris Marangon       2012-2013   Ball State University          
Albert Marano        2001-2004   Quinnipiac University          
Octavio Marante      1983-1983   Miami-Dade College             
Nick Marascia        2001-2004   Le Moyne College               
Jake Marasco         2009-2012   University of Kansas           
Matt Marasco         2005-2006   Kansas State University        
Josh Marazzito       2007-2009   University of Arkansas-Little Rock 
Dixon Marble         2014-2014   University of Arkansas-Pine Bluff 
Will Marcal          2012-2014   Brown University               
Jerrod Marcangeli    2001-2002   New Mexico State University    
Josh Marceaux        2008-2008   McNeese State University       
David Marcelino      2012-2012   Fairleigh Dickinson University 
Craig Marcellus      2007-2010   Siena College                  
Austin March         2012-2014   University of California-Davis 
Blake Marchal        2012-2013   University of Central Arkansas 
Gabe Marchant        2007-2008   College of Charleston          
John Marchbank       1985-1985   Centralia College              
Philip Marchese      2005-2007   St. Francis College            
Ryan Marchini        2004-2005   Rider University               
Anthon Marchioli     2005-2005   University at Buffalo          
Jacob Marchus        2011-2013   Manhattan College              
Mike Marchyshyn      2001-2005   Marshall University            
Tony Marciante       2004-2004   University of Pittsburgh       
Wally Marciel        2007-2011   University of Kansas           
Christian Marcin     2012-2014   Penn State University          
Thomas Marcin        2007-2010   University of Kansas           
Tom Marcinczyk       2014-2014   Rutgers University             
Jeff Marciniak       1999-2001   Rutgers University             
Chris Marconcini     2011-2014   Duke University                
Ross Marconi         2001-2002   Kent State University          
Ryan Marcoux         2005-2006   Manhattan College              
Joey Marcozzi        2001-2003   Towson University              
Austin Marcus        2014-2014   Bucknell University            
Jeff Marcus          2002-2002   Middle Tennessee State University 
Sims Marcus          2004-2004   Florida A&M University         
Danny Marcuzzo       2011-2012   Western Illinois University    
Matt Mardesich       2008-2011   University of Portland         
Matt Mardeusz        2004-2007   St. Bonaventure University     
Matt Maready         2014-2014   University of North Carolina at Wilmington 
Andrew Marek         2008-2009   University of North Dakota     
Jeramie Marek        2009-2012   Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi 
Matt Marek           2005-2006   Campbell University            
Spencer Marentette   2012-2014   Oakland University             
Bobby Mares          2010-2012   University of New Mexico       
Mike Marg            2007-2007   University of Pennsylvania     
Matt Margaritonda    2012-2014   Marshall University            
Andrew Margolick     1992-1996   Barry University               
Jason Marian         2000-2002   University of San Diego        
Mike Mariano         2008-2011   University of Pennsylvania     
Michael Marietta     2010-2013   University of Central Arkansas 
Nick Marigny         2013-2014   Jackson State University       
Garrett Marin        2011-2011   George Mason University        
Oscar Marin          2002-2004   University of Arkansas-Little Rock 
Chris Marinak        1999-2002   University of Virginia         
Ricky Marinello      2006-2007   Fairleigh Dickinson University 
Marcus Maringola     1999-2002   Liberty University             
Scott Marinier       2010-2013   Central Michigan University    
Anthony Marino       2005-2008   Nicholls State University      
Charlie Marino       2000-2000   Southeast Missouri State University 
Chris Marino         2005-2008   Wagner College                 
James Marino         1999-2002   Davidson College               
Phil Marino          2003-2005   La Salle University            
Tom Marino           2006-2009   University of Maryland-Baltimore County 
Trevor Marino        2013-2014   Virginia Commonwealth University 
Chayse Marion        2013-2014   McNeese State University       
Eric Marion          2006-2009   High Point University          
Peter Maris          2012-2014   University of California-Santa Barbara 
Marco Mariscal       2009-2012   Dartmouth College              
McHale Maristuen     2009-2010   North Dakota State University  
Aaron Markel         2003-2005   UCLA                           
Josh Markel          2014-2014   University of Central Arkansas 
Zach Markel          2013-2014   Norfolk State University       
Jordan Marker        2009-2012   Wright State University        
Mike Markey          2006-2006   Eastern Michigan University    
Anthony Markham      2008-2011   Charleston Southern University 
Mike Markl           1972-1972   University of Texas            
Josh Markle          2003-2004   Southern Illinois University   
Kyle Markle          2002-2005   University of Cincinnati       
Jeff Markley         2003-2003   Wake Forest University         
Aaron Markowitz      2004-2006   Penn State University          
Mike Markowski       2003-2003   Rider University               
Dan Markoya          2009-2010   Central Connecticut State University 
Andy Marks           2006-2007   University of Kansas           
Anthony Marks        2013-2014   Coastal Carolina University    
Bret Marks           2012-2014   Wallace Community College      
Chris Marks          2006-2006   High Point University          
Jake Marks           2013-2014   University of Maine            
Jarred Marks         2012-2013   Xavier University              
Marcus Marks         2005-2007   Texas Southern University      
Rick Marks           2010-2012   Cornell University             
Ryan Marks           2014-2014   Columbia University            
Stephen Marks        2008-2008   Le Moyne College               
Troy Marks           2010-2012   University of Nevada           
Kyle Markum          2012-2014   Lamar University               
Carlos Markyna       2005-2005   Savannah State University      
Davis Marlar         2013-2014   US Military Academy            
Kyle Marlatt         2004-2005   Texas A&M University           
Matt Marley          2010-2013   Iona College                   
Rick Marlin          2006-2009   Penn State University          
Brooks Marlow        2012-2014   University of Texas            
Chris Marlow         2004-2006   Belmont University             
Ty Marlow            2011-2014   Texas A&M University           
Dewayne Marlowe      2003-2003   University of Alabama          
Gilbert Marlowe      2006-2007   Saint Louis University         
Tyler Marmion        2009-2009   San Diego State University     
Michael Marmo        2006-2009   Quinnipiac University          
Ronny Marmol         1999-2001   College of Charleston          
Billy Marn           2004-2006   Virginia Tech                  
Kevin Marnon         2013-2014   East Tennessee State University 
Patrick Maronde      2013-2014   Samford University             
Kevin Maroney        2010-2010   Monmouth University            
Matt Maropis         2003-2006   University of Maryland         
Pete Maropis         2001-2004   Duquesne University            
Ed Marotta           2002-2004   Sacred Heart University        
Joe Marotta          2014-2014   University of Central Florida  
Matt Marotta         2008-2008   New Jersey Institute of Technology 
Dan Marple           1973-1973   Cal Poly                       
John Henry Marqua    2005-2006   University of Arkansas         
Vince Marquard       2010-2010   Cleveland State University     
A.J. Marquardt       1993-1993   Columbia Basin College         
Nathan Marquardt     2005-2009   Western Michigan University    
Barry Marquart       2000-2002   University of North Florida    
 Marquez             2005-2005   Jackson State University       
Danny Marquez        2005-2006   Florida International University 
Stephen Marquez      2004-2007   Wright State University        
Adam Marr            2002-2006   Lehigh University              
Andrew Marra         2012-2014   University of Toledo           
Daniel Marra         2009-2013   South Dakota State University  
Tom Marra            2010-2013   College of the Holy Cross      
Chris Marras         2014-2014   Butler University              
Benigno Marrero      2013-2013   University of North Carolina-Greensboro 
Carlos Marrero       1999-2002   Bethune-Cookman University     
Dominick Marrero     2006-2006   Southern University            
Nin Marrero          2014-2014   University of North Carolina-Greensboro 
Tito Marrero         2010-2013   Long Island University-Brooklyn Campus 
Wilmy Marrero        2009-2012   Texas Southern University      
Kevin Marrie         2004-2006   Coastal Carolina University    
Mike Marron          2002-2005   College of the Holy Cross      
Greg Marrone         2006-2008   Western Michigan University    
Troy Marrow          2011-2013   North Carolina Central University 
Daniel Marrs         2009-2012   Wake Forest University         
Kenny Marrs          2002-2003   Indiana University             
Nick Marrs           2005-2007   Middle Tennessee State University 
Paul Marsala         2003-2006   Missouri State University      
Charles Marsalis     2008-2010   Alcorn State University        
Alex Marse           2010-2013   Southeastern Louisiana University 
Ben Marsh            2003-2003   Appalachian State University   
Brandon Marsh        2006-2007   University of Virginia         
Brent Marsh          2005-2006   University of South Carolina   
Chris Marsh          2003-2006   University of Vermont          
Dan Marsh            2010-2011   Wright State University        
Danny Marsh          2014-2014   Wagner College                 
Patrick Marsh        2013-2013   University of Texas            
Quinton Marsh        2007-2007   Iowa Western Community College 
Ben Marshall         2008-2008   University of Northern Iowa    
Ben Marshall         2009-2012   Georgia State University       
Benji Marshall       2006-2007   University of Richmond         
Brett Marshall       2009-2012   Missouri State University      
C Marshall           2006-2006   Chicago State University       
Chad Marshall        2008-2011   Stony Brook University         
Cody Marshall        2014-2014   Long Beach State University    
Colin Marshall       2006-2008   Chicago State University       
Dan Marshall         2005-2005   Samford University             
Demetrius Marshall   2005-2006   Grambling State University     
Eric Marshall        2007-2010   Texas Christian University     
Gabe Marshall        2009-2009   University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee 
Greg Marshall        2002-2006   Southern Utah University       
Jared Marshall       2000-2004   Eastern Illinois University    
John Marshall        2002-2003   University of Alabama          
Josh Marshall        2008-2011   Canisius College               
Kendrick Marshall    2002-2005   Jackson State University       
Kevin Marshall       2002-2002   Louisiana Tech University      
Logan Marshall       2008-2009   Lehigh University              
Mason Marshall       2012-2012   Brigham Young University       
Michael Marshall     2014-2014   Bryant University              
Patrick Marshall     2012-2014   Radford University             
Richard Marshall     1974-1974   Lamar University               
Ronald Marshall      2007-2008   Grambling State University     
Ryan Marshall        2004-2004   Central Connecticut State University 
Derek Marshalsea     2010-2013   Delaware State University      
Chris Marsicano      2006-2009   George Washington University   
Michael Marsinek     2013-2014   Eastern Michigan University    
Ryan Marsland        2001-2004   Liberty University             
Blake Marsocci       2006-2009   Stetson University             
Keene Marstrell      2008-2008   University of Akron            
Craig Martel         2002-2003   McNeese State University       
Tom Martell          1971-1971   Linn-Benton Community College  
Marco Martelli       2005-2008   San Diego State University     
Ryan Marten          2006-2006   Dartmouth College              
Evan Martens         2014-2014   Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville 
Marty Martens        2013-2013   Marist College                 
John Martillotta     2013-2014   University of Toledo           
Aaron Martin         2006-2009   University of Illinois         
Alex Martin          2005-2006   University of Michigan         
Alex Martin          2003-2004   University of Detroit Mercy    
Alex Martin          2006-2008   Clemson University             
Alex Martin          2014-2014   University of Tennessee-Martin 
Andrew Martin        2004-2005   Gardner-Webb University        
Andrew Martin        2006-2009   Kennesaw State University      
Andy Martin          2002-2005   University of San Diego        
Anthony Martin       2006-2008   University of California-Santa Barbara 
Ariel Martin         2005-2005   Fairleigh Dickinson University 
B.J. Martin          2007-2010   St. John's University          
Billy Martin         2010-2013   Canisius College               
Bobby Martin         2009-2012   Valparaiso University          
Brandon Martin       2012-2014   Presbyterian College           
Brian Martin         2010-2011   Bradley University             
Brian Martin         2008-2011   Pacific                        
Brooks Martin        2010-2010   University of Central Missouri 
Brooks Martin        2009-2011   Virginia Military Institute    
C.J. Martin          2013-2013   Eastern Illinois University    
Carlos Martin        2002-2003   Tennessee Technological University 
Casey Martin         2006-2010   Indiana State University       
Chase Martin         2014-2014   University of New Orleans      
Cody Martin          2005-2005   University of Louisiana at Lafayette 
Cody Martin          2010-2012   Chipola College                
Colby Martin         2011-2014   Grambling State University     
Cole Martin          2011-2014   University of Michigan         
Cory Martin          2008-2008   Kent State University          
Craig Martin         2010-2010   Indiana University-Purdue University-Fort Wayne 
D Martin             2004-2004   Alabama State University       
Dallas Martin        2001-2003   Oral Roberts University        
Daniel Martin        2009-2009   McNeese State University       
Danny Martin         2007-2007   Embry-Riddle University        
David Martin         1985-1985   Chaffey College                
Davy Martin          2000-2002   Virginia Commonwealth University 
Derek Martin         2004-2008   Coastal Carolina University    
Doug Martin          2009-2010   Tennessee Technological University 
Drew Martin          2006-2009   North Carolina State University 
Drew Martin          2006-2007   University of South Carolina   
Ed Martin            2009-2012   Monmouth University            
Eli Martin           2013-2014   Kent State University          
Elliott Martin       2010-2013   Valparaiso University          
Eric Martin          2012-2014   University of Tennessee        
Evan Martin          2009-2012   Georgia Tech                   
Frank Martin         1970-1970   San Joaquin Delta College      
George Martin        2013-2014   Columbia University            
Graham Martin        1999-2003   Southeastern Louisiana University 
Graham Martin        2006-2009   University of Central Arkansas 
Greg Martin          2006-2009   University of North Carolina-Greensboro 
Hayden Martin        2014-2014   University of Arkansas-Little Rock 
Hunter Martin        2014-2014   University of Tennessee        
Jackson Martin       2013-2014   Eastern Michigan University    
Jackson Martin       2014-2014   Seton Hall University          
Jason Martin         2003-2004   University at Albany           
Jeff Martin          2003-2004   Northwestern State University  
Jesse Martin         1999-2002   University of North Carolina-Greensboro 
Jim Martin           2002-2005   St. John's University          
Joe Martin           2011-2012   University of Southern Mississippi 
Joey Martin          2008-2011   University of Maine            
Josh Martin          2013-2013   St. Bonaventure University     
Kenny Martin         2008-2008   North Carolina Central University 
Kevin Martin         2007-2010   University of North Florida    
Kyle Martin          2012-2014   University of South Carolina   
Lance Martin         2010-2011   University of Georgia          
Michael Martin       2014-2014   University of California-Irvine 
Michael Martin       2011-2014   Grambling State University     
Michael Martin       2011-2014   Manhattan College              
Mike Martin          2009-2010   Eastern Illinois University    
Mike Martin          2002-2003   Belmont University             
Mike Martin          2003-2005   Southern Utah University       
Mike Martin          2012-2014   Harvard University             
Patrick Martin       2008-2012   Bowling Green State University 
Pete Martin          2000-2002   Eastern Illinois University    
Richie Martin        2013-2014   University of Florida          
Ryan Martin          2002-2005   University of Memphis          
Ryan Martin          2004-2006   University of Illinois-Chicago 
Ryan Martin          2006-2009   University of Texas-Arlington  
Ryan Martin          2010-2012   Michigan State University      
Ryan Martin          2010-2010   Iona College                   
Ryan Martin          2003-2004   Tulane University              
Sam Martin           2004-2007   University of North Carolina-Greensboro 
Sam Martin           2011-2011   Centenary College              
Sean Martin          2010-2012   San Jose State University      
Shayne Martin        2007-2011   University of Tennessee-Martin 
Stavone Martin       2007-2010   University of Iowa             
Steve Martin         2002-2005   Appalachian State University   
Steve Martin         1980-1980   Mesa Community College         
Taylor Martin        2012-2014   University of Kentucky         
Thomas Martin        2001-2004   University of Richmond         
Tim Martin           2005-2008   The Citadel                    
Tim Martin           2009-2012   University of Connecticut      
Tom Martin           1999-2002   Kent State University          
Tony Martin          2006-2009   South Dakota State University  
Travis Martin        2005-2008   University of North Florida    
Trey Martin          2004-2008   Georgetown University          
Trey Martin          2009-2011   Southeastern Louisiana University 
Tripp Martin         2011-2014   Coastal Carolina University    
Troy Martin          2004-2004   Arkansas State University      
Troy Martin          2003-2006   University of Maine            
Tyler Martin         2007-2009   Kent State University          
Tyler Martin         2013-2014   University of Central Florida  
Vinny Martin         2014-2014   Iona College                   
Willi Martin         2011-2013   Liberty University             
Xerxes Martin        2005-2005   Baylor University              
Zach Martin          2009-2009   Andrew College                 
Este MartinAriel     2004-2004   Fairleigh Dickinson University 
David Martindale     1999-2002   Charleston Southern University 
David Martinelli     2014-2014   Dallas Baptist University      
Scott Martines       1999-2002   University of Hawaii           
 Martinez            2003-2003   University of Utah             
Alex Martinez        2014-2014   University of California       
Alex Martinez        2007-2010   Jacksonville University        
Andrew Martinez      2005-2006   University of California-Riverside 
Andrew Martinez      2014-2014   University of California-Irvine 
Anthony Martinez     2008-2008   University of New Mexico       
Braxton Martinez     2013-2014   Saint Louis University         
Carlos Martinez      2008-2008   Florida International University 
Danny Martinez       2008-2008   Florida International University 
Darryl Martinez      2013-2014   Coppin State College           
Diego Martinez       2011-2012   Lipscomb University            
Eddie Martinez       2014-2014   University of Arkansas-Pine Bluff 
Eric Martinez        2004-2004   Western Illinois University    
Felix Martinez       1984-1985   University of Florida          
Frank Martinez       2010-2013   Cal State Bakersfield          
Hunter Martinez      2008-2009   Sacramento State               
Isaac Martinez       2013-2014   University of Texas-Pan American 
Jacob Martinez       2013-2014   Texas Southern University      
Javier Martinez      2004-2007   Fordham University             
Jeff Martinez        2002-2006   University of Louisiana at Lafayette 
Jeremy Martinez      2014-2014   USC                            
Jimmy Martinez       2010-2011   Western Michigan University    
John Martinez        2010-2013   Michigan State University      
Johnny Martinez      2005-2008   University of North Carolina-Asheville 
Josh Martinez        2000-2003   University of Louisiana-Monroe 
Josh Martinez        2012-2014   Houston Baptist University     
Joshua Martinez      2006-2008   Navy                           
Josue Martinez       2009-2010   Coppin State College           
Justin Martinez      2010-2011   Northwestern State University  
Justin Martinez      2010-2011   University of Texas-San Antonio 
Lenny Martinez       2012-2014   Bethune-Cookman University     
Lucas Martinez       2014-2014   New Mexico State University    
Marc Martinez        2011-2013   Centenary College              
Marcos Martinez      2009-2009   University of Texas-Pan American 
Matt Martinez        2007-2008   Campbell University            
Michael Martinez     2008-2008   Eastern Kentucky University    
Michael Martinez     2011-2011   Southern University            
P.J. Martinez        1999-2002   Georgetown University          
Paul Martinez        2013-2013   Oregon State University        
Phillip Martinez     2003-2004   Northwestern State University  
Rene Martinez        2011-2013   University of North Carolina-Asheville 
Richard Martinez     2003-2004   Texas State University         
Ruben Martinez       2003-2004   San Jose State University      
Sam Martinez         2007-2007   Miami University               
Seth Martinez        2014-2014   Arizona State University       
Tyson Martinez       1998-2000   Iowa State University          
Victor Martinez      2002-2004   College of Charleston          
Ian Martinez-Mcgraw  2014-2014   Lipscomb University            
Boston Martinez-Neal 2014-2014   Alabama A&M University         
Joe Martino          2008-2011   Fairleigh Dickinson University 
Matt Martino         2004-2005   Butler University              
Matthew Martino      2003-2006   Long Island University-Brooklyn Campus 
Mike Martino         2002-2003   Cornell University             
Dan Martinson        2013-2014   University of Richmond         
Kevin Martir         2013-2014   University of Maryland         
Manny Martir         2010-2012   Virginia Tech                  
Andrew Martirano     2008-2009   Saint Peter's College          
Tyler Martis         2013-2014   Siena College                  
Steve Martlaro       2005-2006   USC                            
Dan Martony          2008-2012   Oral Roberts University        
Vincent Martorelli   2011-2012   University at Albany           
Josh Martsching      2013-2013   University of Iowa             
Michael Martucci     2011-2012   Saint Peter's College          
Brian Martutartus    2008-2010   Wagner College                 
Cole Marty           2007-2008   Illinois State University      
Nathan Marty         2004-2005   Tennessee Technological University 
Blake Martz          2009-2012   Troy University                
Dan Martz            1992-1992   Wake Forest University         
Bryan Marulli        2002-2006   Oakland University             
Tony Marulli         2001-2004   Oakland University             
Alex Maruri          2009-2012   Elon University                
James Marvel         2013-2014   Duke University                
Lance Marvel         2010-2011   University of Louisiana at Lafayette 
Caleb Marx           2010-2011   Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi 
Mike Marx            2005-2005   Purdue University              
Ralph Marzella       2005-2008   Iona College                   
Justin Marzett       2013-2014   Grambling State University     
Anthony Marzi        2011-2014   University of Connecticut      
Kevin Marzion        1999-2002   Sacramento State               
Ryan Mas             2011-2014   University of North Carolina-Charlotte 
Tim Mascari          2005-2005   Canisius College               
Brian Mascaro        2000-2003   University of Hartford         
Nick Mascelli        2014-2014   Wagner College                 
Jon Masch            2009-2010   University of Louisiana at Lafayette 
Mike Maschi          2011-2013   Fairfield University           
David Maschino       1982-1983   University of Oklahoma         
Gianni Masci         2009-2009   Hofstra University             
Tim Mascia           2003-2006   Florida Atlantic University    
Aaron Mascoe         2009-2011   University of Delaware         
John Maser           2003-2005   Manhattan College              
Brady Mashak         2003-2006   The Citadel                    
Jack Masin           2012-2012   Bowling Green State University 
Ethan Maskolunas     2009-2011   Stetson University             
Rob Maslowski        2004-2004   Iona College                   
Austin Mason         2013-2014   The Citadel                    
Brent Mason          2005-2006   Marshall University            
Brent Mason          2014-2014   University of Arkansas-Little Rock 
Connor Mason         2013-2013   Rice University                
Dephillip Mason      2006-2007   Florida International University 
Drew Mason           2008-2011   University of Tennessee-Martin 
Evan Mason           2014-2014   University of Texas-Pan American 
Greg Mason           2003-2006   Saint Joseph's University      
Jamey Mason          1990-1990   Liberty University             
Jonathan Mason       2002-2005   University of Texas-Pan American 
Jonathon Mason       2004-2004   Coastal Carolina University    
Josh Mason           2012-2014   College of William and Mary    
Joshua Mason         2011-2014   Stony Brook University         
Kyle Mason           2002-2002   University of New Mexico       
Landon Mason         2014-2014   University of Central Arkansas 
Noah Mason           2002-2002   University of Northern Colorado 
Patrick Mason        2004-2006   University of Nevada           
Paul Mason           1984-1984   Chabot College                 
Reed Mason           2013-2014   Northwestern University        
Ryan Mason           2013-2014   University of California       
Sam Mason            2013-2013   West Los Angeles College       
Sean Mason           2014-2014   Appalachian State University   
Tyler Mason          2006-2007   University of Arkansas-Little Rock 
Nick Masonia         2014-2014   Troy University                
B.J. Masopust        2006-2006   Mount Saint Mary College       
Michael Massa        2004-2007   University of Dayton           
Michael Massa        2010-2013   Lafayette College              
Collin Massanelli    2012-2014   Arkansas State University      
Robby Massar         2009-2012   University of Richmond         
Mitch Massard        2008-2008   Ball State University          
Michael Massardo     2013-2014   University of North Carolina   
Alex Massari         2005-2007   University of San Francisco    
Trey Massenberg      2011-2014   Missouri State University      
Brandon Massenbur    2003-2004   Virginia Military Institute    
Phil Masser          2004-2005   University of Toledo           
Alex Massey          2012-2014   Tulane University              
Andrew Massey        2014-2014   Gardner-Webb University        
Andrew Massey        2010-2012   Sam Houston State University   
Andrew Massey        2014-2014   University of Tennessee-Martin 
Brack Massey         2004-2004   University of North Carolina   
Brandon Massey       2000-2003   Charleston Southern University 
Daniel Massey        2011-2014   Brown University               
Grant Massey         2014-2014   Lipscomb University            
Adam Massiatte       2004-2005   University of Louisiana at Lafayette 
Anthony Massicci     2013-2014   Canisius College               
Jeremy Massie        2011-2014   University of Mississippi      
Kyle Massie          2005-2008   University of Vermont          
Stephen Massie       2010-2010   Southeast Missouri State University 
Brody Massman        2004-2007   San Jose State University      
Anthony Masson       2005-2008   Southeastern Louisiana University 
John Massoni         2006-2006   Long Island University-Brooklyn Campus 
Nolan Mast           2004-2005   Texas State University         
Robert Masteller     1970-1970   Grayson County College         
Andy Masten          2006-2007   Auburn University              
Steve Masten         2006-2006   University of Nevada           
Brandon Masters      2005-2005   University of Georgia          
Brant Masters        2011-2014   Furman University              
David Masters        2007-2007   University of Texas-Arlington  
David Masters        2009-2009   Kansas State University        
Dirk Masters         2013-2014   Sam Houston State University   
Pat Masters          2003-2006   Wright State University        
Ryan Masters         2006-2009   Manhattan College              
Pete Mastors         2008-2009   University of Rhode Island     
Matt Mastrianni      2004-2007   Wagner College                 
Sonny Mastromatteo   2012-2013   University of Tennessee-Martin 
C.J. Maszal          2010-2010   Ohio University                
Alvin Mata           2010-2010   Manhattan College              
Jonathan Mata        2011-2014   University of New Mexico       
Jose Mata            2004-2011   Prairie View A&M University    
Jose Mata            2004-2008   University of South Carolina   
Mitch Matecki        2009-2012   Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville 
Robinson Mateo       2013-2014   Southern University            
Trevor Matern        2012-2013   Georgetown University          
Chris Matesich       2005-2008   University of Southern Mississippi 
Tobin Mateychick     2010-2013   Wichita State University       
Colin Matheny        2003-2004   Rice University                
Joel Matheny         2006-2007   Butler University              
Tate Matheny         2013-2014   Missouri State University      
Jeffrey Mathers      2011-2011   Manhattan College              
Jordan Mathers       2006-2010   Troy University                
Chase Matheson       2014-2014   Chicago State University       
Drew Matheson        2004-2004   University of Pennsylvania     
Matt Matheson        2004-2004   Virginia Commonwealth University 
Tim Matheson         2009-2009   Butler University              
Brad Mathews         2002-2002   University of Georgia          
Bryan Mathews        2012-2012   University of North Florida    
Calvin Mathews       2013-2014   University of Iowa             
Mike Mathews         2004-2004   Pacific                        
Reid Mathews         2012-2014   Walters State Community College 
Shane Mathews        2009-2009   Savannah State University      
Simon Mathews        2014-2014   Temple University              
Spencer Mathews      2009-2009   Louisiana State University     
Taylor Mathews       2013-2014   Murray State University        
Tony Mathews         2000-2002   Austin Peay State University   
Travis Mathews       2007-2007   Middle Tennessee State University 
Jimmy Mathias        2004-2007   Appalachian State University   
Mark Mathias         2013-2014   Cal Poly                       
Beau Mathiason       2003-2003   University of Northern Iowa    
Ben Mathiason        2007-2008   North Dakota State University  
Alan Mathis          2010-2010   University of Memphis          
Chase Mathis         2010-2013   Troy University                
Jake Mathis          2008-2008   University of Illinois         
Jared Mathis         2013-2013   University of North Carolina-Charlotte 
Tyler Mathis         2007-2010   University of Louisville       
Wade Mathis          2008-2011   Lamar University               
Gino Matias          2006-2009   St. John's University          
Fielding Matkins     2014-2014   Northwestern State University  
Matt Matkovich       2001-2004   Winthrop University            
John Matlick         2005-2005   Western Illinois University    
Jeffery Matlock      2004-2004   Tennessee Technological University 
Will Matlock         2005-2005   University of Southern Mississippi 
Josh Matlow          2005-2006   Canisius College               
Phil Maton           2012-2014   Louisiana Tech University      
Jason Matos          2005-2005   Columbia University            
Jerry Matos          2008-2008   Coppin State College           
Ryan Matranga        2013-2014   University of San Francisco    
Greg Matson          2003-2006   University of North Carolina-Greensboro 
John Matson          2004-2005   University of Hawaii-Hilo      
Keen Matt            2004-2004   Delaware State University      
Mike Matta           2007-2010   Mount Saint Mary College       
Derek Mattea         2011-2012   Missouri State University      
Mike Mattei          2009-2012   Bryant University              
Joe Matteo           2005-2008   Lehigh University              
Mike Mattern         1999-2002   University of Pennsylvania     
Joseph Mattes        2006-2007   Southeastern Louisiana University 
Colby Mattheson      2009-2012   Northeastern University        
Scott Matthew        2004-2004   Southern University            
Andy Matthews        2006-2006   University of Nevada           
Blaine Matthews      2011-2011   Mercer University              
Cameron Matthews     2004-2005   Stanford University            
Charles Matthews     2009-2010   Georgia Southern University    
Darrel Matthews      2010-2012   University of California       
Greg Matthews        2012-2012   Alabama State University       
Ian Matthews         2004-2004   Butler University              
Jacob Matthews       2009-2012   Mercer University              
Joel Matthews        2005-2006   San Diego State University     
Joey Matthews        2010-2013   Oregon State University        
John Prato Matthews  2010-2012   Pacific                        
Rob Matthews         2010-2010   Florida Gulf Coast University  
Scott Matthews       1982-1983   University of Florida          
Shane Matthews       2010-2011   Marist College                 
Tim Matthews         2005-2008   Baylor University              
Todd Matthews        2006-2007   Campbell University            
Trent Matthews       2001-2003   Wright State University        
Wes Matthews         2002-2002   Southern Utah University       
Zack Matthews        2002-2003   University of Texas-Arlington  
Jake Matthys         2013-2014   Kansas State University        
Colin Mattiace       1993-1996   University of Iowa             
Ian Mattiace         1999-2002   University of Iowa             
Erik Mattingly       2011-2012   Creighton University           
Blake Mattison       2008-2008   University of Arkansas-Pine Bluff 
Grant Mattix         2008-2009   Alabama A&M University         
Mack Mattke          2014-2014   Purdue University              
Dwight Mattox        2003-2003   Alcorn State University        
Jay Mattox           2005-2006   Chipola College                
Braden Mattson       2012-2014   Texas Christian University     
Mats Mattson         2008-2010   University of New Orleans      
Tanner Mattson       2006-2007   Missouri State University      
Michael Matuella     2013-2014   Duke University                
Mitchell Matulia     2014-2014   University of Texas-San Antonio 
Edvardas Matusevicius 2013-2014   Grambling State University     
Nate Matusick        2007-2008   University of Vermont          
Jake Matuszak        2011-2012   Central Connecticut State University 
Kyle Matuszek        2002-2006   Morehead State University      
Stephen Matyczyk     1993-1995   University of North Carolina-Greensboro 
Jon Matzner          2005-2005   University of Pennsylvania     
Kyle Mauch           2011-2011   Centenary College              
Bill Maugeri         2006-2008   Navy                           
Bret Maugeri         2006-2008   Southern Illinois University   
William Maugeri      2005-2005   Navy                           
Kyle Maulbetsch      2007-2010   University of Central Florida  
Andrew Mauldin       2013-2013   Liberty University             
Andy Mauldin         2007-2009   Stetson University             
D.J. Mauldin         2006-2010   Cal Poly                       
Joseph Mauldin       2014-2014   Long Island University-Brooklyn Campus 
Levi Mauldin         2011-2014   Charleston Southern University 
Stephen Mauldin      1988-1990   University of Tampa            
Jay Maule            2001-2005   University of North Carolina-Greensboro 
Chris Maultsby       1999-2002   Vanderbilt University          
Cullan Maumus        2001-2004   University of Massachusetts    
Clint Maune          2008-2011   Wichita State University       
Keith Mauney         2007-2007   Wake Forest University         
Anthony Maupin       2004-2006   Southeast Missouri State University 
Brandon Maupin       2006-2006   Longwood University            
Eric Maupin          2009-2010   Western Nevada College         
Justin Maurath       2001-2002   Southern Illinois University   
Matt Maurer          2011-2014   Pepperdine University          
Mike Mauri           2010-2013   Fordham University             
Jonathan Mauricio    2014-2014   Norfolk State University       
Brett Maurin         2006-2006   Nicholls State University      
Ernie Mauritson      1975-1976   Chabot College                 
Nick Mauro           2003-2004   Fairleigh Dickinson University 
Drew Maus            2006-2009   Radford University             
Ben Mauseth          2014-2014   Grand Canyon University        
Eric Maust           2007-2010   University of Notre Dame       
Levi MaVorhis        2013-2014   Kansas State University        
Zach Mawson          2012-2014   Rider University               
Ryan Maxa            2008-2009   Gardner-Webb University        
Cam Maxey            2013-2014   University of Maryland-Baltimore County 
Kevin Maxey          2013-2013   Cerro Coso Community College   
Kyle Maxie           2006-2009   Florida State University       
Adam Maxon           2011-2014   Jacksonville University        
Andrew Maxwell       2007-2007   Western Illinois University    
Bobby Maxwell        2014-2014   Long Island University-Brooklyn Campus 
Brett Maxwell        2007-2011   Georgia State University       
Brock Maxwell        2014-2014   University of South Carolina   
Bryan Maxwell        2010-2013   University of Texas-Pan American 
Bubba Maxwell        2012-2014   University of Houston          
Jamie Maxwell        2004-2007   The Citadel                    
Jeff Maxwell         2012-2014   Radford University             
Josh Maxwell         2006-2007   University of North Florida    
Patrick Maxwell      2006-2007   University of Southern Mississippi 
Tyler Maxwell        2012-2013   Stanford University            
Brady May            2014-2014   Southern University            
Chris May            2013-2014   Florida International University 
Colby May            2009-2012   University of Georgia          
Derrick May          2014-2014   Villanova University           
Donovan May          2014-2014   Villanova University           
Dylan May            2014-2014   Wofford College                
Garrett May          2009-2010   East Tennessee State University 
Hunter May           2011-2014   Marshall University            
Jackson May          2010-2013   Savannah State University      
Jeff May             2010-2010   University of North Carolina   
Kalik May            2014-2014   Mississippi Valley State University 
Ken May              1982-1982   Los Angeles Pierce College     
Rusty May            2002-2004   Liberty University             
Sam May              2014-2014   Southern University            
Steve May            2008-2011   US Military Academy            
Tim May              2006-2008   University of Pennsylvania     
Travis May           2005-2006   Western Michigan University    
Dillon Maya          2013-2013   Florida International University 
Lenny Mayard         2002-2003   Southeastern Louisiana University 
Bruce Mayberry       2006-2008   Stephen F. Austin University   
Dalton Mayberry      2014-2014   Marist College                 
Eric Maycroft        2001-2003   Wake Forest University         
Mark Maydak          2002-2003   University of Maryland-Baltimore County 
Andy Mayer           2006-2009   Quinnipiac University          
Danny Mayer          2014-2014   Pacific                        
Jon Mayer            2013-2014   Bucknell University            
Jordan Mayer         2005-2007   Louisiana State University     
Kendall Mayer        2010-2013   Washington State University    
Kevin Mayer          2005-2006   University of California-Irvine 
Michael Mayer        2007-2009   Villanova University           
Scott Mayer          2011-2011   James Madison University       
Peter Mayer-Klepch   2014-2014   Rider University               
Eric Mayers          2011-2014   Virginia Military Institute    
Chris Mayette        2006-2006   Central Connecticut State University 
Aaron Mayfield       2009-2010   Western Kentucky University    
Hunter Mayfield      2010-2012   Ohio State University          
Mark Mayfield        2010-2010   Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi 
Ben Mayhew           2004-2007   US Military Academy            
Robert Mayhew        1974-1974   University of La Verne         
Ryan Mayhew          2012-2013   University of North Carolina at Wilmington 
Chad Mayle           2012-2014   Western Michigan University    
Josh Mayle           2001-2003   Kent State University          
Charles Maynard      1975-1976   College of San Mateo           
Halden Maynard       2014-2014   Stephen F. Austin University   
Justin Maynard       2010-2011   Marshall University            
Michael Maynard      2004-2007   Long Island University-Brooklyn Campus 
Tony Maynard         2001-2005   University of Cincinnati       
Wally Maynard        1992-1995   University of South Carolina   
Marc Maynor          2002-2004   North Carolina State University 
David Mayo           2014-2014   Georgia State University       
Eric Mayo            1993-1993   University of New Hampshire    
Heath Mayo           2010-2013   Brown University               
Josh Mayo            2002-2004   Cal Poly                       
Kyle Mayo            2004-2004   Auburn University              
Nick Mayo            2005-2008   North Carolina A&T State University 
Parker Mayo          2008-2011   United States Air Force Academy 
Zach Mayo            2013-2014   North Dakota State University  
Chris Mayr           2006-2007   Western Illinois University    
Brett Mays           2012-2013   Marshall University            
Travis Mays          2003-2004   University of Houston          
Willie Mays          2008-2009   Mississippi Valley State University 
Winton Mays          2004-2005   University of Georgia          
Justin Mayse         2008-2008   University of Maryland         
Peter Mayta          2004-2006   University of Maryland-Eastern Shore 
Derek Maytubby       2005-2006   New Mexico State University    
Patrick Mazeika      2013-2014   Stetson University             
Arthur Mazierwski    2009-2010   Grambling State University     
Anthony Maziur       2007-2009   Northern Illinois University   
Daniel Mazurkiewicz  2013-2013   Chicago State University       
Tommy Mazurkiewicz   2012-2013   Wagner College                 
Domenic Mazza        2013-2014   University of California-Santa Barbara 
Luke Mazzanti        2008-2010   San Jose State University      
Mike Mazzara         2012-2013   University of California-Davis 
John Mazzello        2005-2008   Marist College                 
Anthony Mazzeo       2006-2007   Florida A&M University         
Jonnie Mazzeo        2002-2004   Fordham University             
Andy Mazzier         2000-2002   Murray State University        
Derek Mazzio         2011-2013   Saint Louis University         
Jeff Mazzola         2002-2005   University at Albany           
Steven Mazzurco      2006-2009   Stony Brook University         

Major Leaguers by Letter

Select a letter to see a list of historical Major Leaguers starting with that letter.

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Minor Leaguers

Players who have played as high as the minor leagues but not in the Majors since 1977.
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